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To assist expatriates and travelers going to Qatar, we’ve created a quick guide on various topics of interest.

Qatar Health Insurance Menu

To assist expatriates and travelers going to Qatar, we’ve created a quick guide on various topics of interest.

Qatar Health Insurance Menu

Expatriates or travelers going to Qatar can contact UAE Medical Insurance for more information. Although we are based in the UAE, we have been operating in the Arabian region for many years and are familiar with local regulations and policies of many different countries.

All our services are free. Our local experience and knowledge can help answer any questions related to healthcare or insurance in Qatar. Our team of dedicated insurance advisors will contact you and, based on your requirements, create a comparison table of the leading insurers in your region.

We offer flexible plans that can be taken anywhere in the world. Our plans can be customized depending on your unique needs. We offer plans that provide coverage for maternity, dental, personal accident, etc.

For more information about an international policy or just to learn more about international health insurance, contact our team today.


An overview of Qatar and its healthcare system.

The State of Qatar is a small Arab emirate located on the north-east coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Its only neighbor is Saudi Arabia to the south. The rest of its territory is surrounded by the Persian Gulf. Qatar is ruled by an absolute monarchy, the al-Thani family, since the middle of the 19th century. Formerly a British protectorate, Qatar gained its independence in 1971. It is one of the richest states in the region because of its large oil and natural gas reserves.
Qatar relies heavily on foreign help for both its protection and in meeting labor demand. Of the 1.7 million people who live in Qatar, only 300,000 people are nationals.
Qatar’s health industry and public medical centers have highly trained doctors, medical personnel, and some of the most advanced equipment in the world. In fact, Qatar is one of only four countries in the world that offers a neonatal program that screens newborns for inherited disorders. The Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) is a state-sponsored, and heavily subsidized non-profit healthcare provider located in the capital city, Doha. It was established in 1979, and manages some of the most sophisticated hospitals in the region. In addition, it also hosts many medical conferences to attract health experts to Qatar.
Nationals can use HMC facilities free of charge. Expat residents may apply for health cards, which allow them to use HMC facilities. This allows them basic services, but expats will still have to pay for a part of the services. Most expatriates, however, have their own medical insurance plan provided either by their companies or by themselves.
Since the 90s, the Qatari government has been in strong support of the development of the private healthcare sector. The first private hospital opened in 1999, and today the private health sector plays an important role in supplementing the services of the public sector, especially for expatriates who can afford it. The government is still advocating the growth of the private sector. In May 2010, the Qatari government announced plans to allow foreign investment in Qatar’s healthcare services. The goal is to further improve the level of care and standards at hospitals and health centers.
Public hospitals tend to be filled with bureaucratic problems and long lines. In fact, it can be quite time consuming for patients to see a doctor in a public hospital. However, aside from that the quality of care provided in both private and public facilities is very high. The only exception may be highly specialized services. Some services may not be available within the public sector, and patients seeking certain types of specialized services may have to seek private facilities or physicians for treatment. Additional problems facing the public healthcare sector of Qatar are increasing medical costs and a growing population.
If you are a traveler, it is not possible for you to receive a health card that allows you to use public facilities. With the exception of emergencies, foreigners without a health card will be denied access to public facilities. This leaves you only with private health centers, which are very expensive. A typical doctor’s consultation can be as high as $120 USD, excluding medicine and further diagnostic tests.
If you are a resident, it is most likely that your employer will provide you with medical insurance anyway, which will grant you access to private facilities. However, for expatriates that frequently return home or travel abroad, it is recommended that you consider an international medical insurance plan. Having an international plan allows you the freedom and peace of mind to go anywhere in the world and be covered. Furthermore, if you develop a medical condition in the time that you are in Qatar, you will be covered for life. If you only have a local plan, the medical conditions you develop while you are in Qatar may not be covered when you switch insurance after you leave the country.
Expatriates and visitors looking to visit Qatar should review their insurance options. If you currently have medical insurance, check with your insurer to see if you have comprehensive coverage while overseas. If you do not, it is important to purchase either a long-term international medical insurance or a short-term travel medical insurance package, depending on how frequently you travel or how long you decide to stay overseas.
One thing to look out for when purchasing an international medical insurance policy is whether the insurer covers emergency evacuation services. When you are traveling or in an unfamiliar location, it is not unusual for people to venture out to see the more remote areas of the country. If you are injured or ill in a remote area, you may need to be evacuated to a different location that can provide you the medical attention you need. Depending on your location and medical condition, this can be a very expensive cost.
Regardless of what your requirements are, we can help you design a plan that suits you. We have plans that cover all kinds of budget and needs. Our service is absolutely free. Feel free to utilize our knowledge of the health insurance industry and experience in the region to assist you in finding health insurance.
Contact our team today for more information on medical insurance in Qatar or an international medical insurance plan.

Qatar Banking and Monetary Practices


The national currency of Qatar is the Qatari Riyal (QAR), which is pegged to the US dollar at a rate of $1 USD = 3.65 QR.
Qatari riyals are divided into 100 Dirhams. Banknotes come in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 50, and 500. Coins are divided into 5, 10, 25, and 50 Dirhams.

Money Exchange

Visitors will find that it is relatively easy to exchange money in Qatar. There are many exchange offices in urban areas. In addition, banks and airports will also be able to exchange money for you. The most accepted currencies are US dollars, Euros, and Sterling Pounds.


There are 7 international and 9 local banks operating in Qatar. The banking sector is mainly based in the capital city, Doha. Three of the local banks are Islamic banks and practice Shari’a compliant banking. Islamic banking practices are different in that it is forbidden to charge interest, but there are fees for services. Both Muslims and non-Muslims can use these banks.

To open an account in Qatar, you must have a letter from your company confirming your employment, a valid work permit, and 4 passport sized photos. If you are paid in US dollars, you can open an account in that currency.

Banks are generally open from 7am to 1pm Sunday through Thursdays. Some banks are even open on Friday and Saturdays, like certain HSBC, and QNB branches.

ATMs/Cash Points

ATMs are available throughout Qatar and can be easily found. Most banks will charge an international fee if you are withdrawing money with a foreign card. This charge comes from your card’s bank, so check with your bank to see how much the charge will be.

Credit Cards

All major international credit cards are accepted, with the exception of smaller merchants.

Emergency Assistance in Qatar

Many countries have a single emergency telephone number, known as the universal emergency telephone number or the emergency services number. This number differs from country to country, but is usually a 3 digit number that can be easily memorized and dialed.

Qatar’s emergency services can all be reached through dialing 999. This is the way you’d reach medical, fire, and police department immediately. Once you dial 999, the nearest emergency center will respond.

Qatar Local Laws and Customs

Qatari people are of Arabic origin, and their culture is very much founded on Islamic values and customs. Islam dominates day-to-day life by providing guidelines on what is acceptable to wear, eat, and drink. Qataris are very generous and hospitable people. Visitors will find Qatar to be a very welcoming country.


Although there is no requirement for men or women to dress in the traditional abaya or dishdha, many Qataris choose to wear their traditional dress. Men generally wear a long white robe called a dishdha and a headdress called a gutra. Women will generally wear a long black abaya, which is a long, loose black robe, which covers most of the body, except the face, hands, and feet. Some women choose to wear a thin black veil over the face.

Foreigners are not expected to wear traditional Qatari clothing. However, they are expected to remain respectful. This means that men should avoid wearing shorts and going around topless in public. Women should avoid tight-fitting clothes that may reveal the chest, legs, or shoulders.


Pork is not allowed in Qatar, and cannot be found anywhere. It is illegal to bring it into the country. Muslims are not allowed to eat any meat that is not in accordance with the Islamic code. All good must be “halaal.”

Aside from tasty Qatari local food, Qatar is also home to a diverse mix of ethnicities, which means that it is easy to find food from all around the world. With the high number of South East Asians who reside here, Qatar has some of the best Thai and Indian food in the world.


Alcohol is available, but only in hotels and licensed areas. If you are resident, you can also apply for an alcohol permit, which allows you to have alcohol in your home. It is illegal to bring alcohol into the country.


Working hours are different in Qatar. The weekends are on Friday and Saturday, and the work day starts quite early. Do bot be surprised if someone schedules a meeting at 7am.

In the peak of summer, many small stores and businesses will only be open from 8am to 12pm and 4pm to 8pm. During the break, many people take a nap to avoid the heat.


If you are having a meal with a Qatari, do not face the bottoms of your feet. It is a sign of disrespect.

Do not eat with your left hand. The left hand is seen as the “dirty hand.” Likewise, do not shake hands, receive or give a package with your left hand.

It is custom to argue for the bill. However, if your Qatari friend genuinely insists on paying for a meal or giving you a gift, allow him. Qatari people are very hospitable.

Qatar Visa Info

Visa is available for residents of the following countries on arrival:

Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, The Netherlands, USA, UK, Vatican City

The cost of a visa is 100 riyals ($27 USD), and is valid for two weeks, but can be extended. Passengers should also have a return flight in order to be issued a visa.

There is also a joint tourist visa for Qatar and Oman, but Qatar must be the first point of entry.

Longer Tourist Visa

Longer tourist visas are also available for nationals of the countries in the list above, but must be applied for in advance. Multiple entry visas are available for 6 months, one year, or two years. There is even a 5 year multiple entry tourist visa for British nationals.

Business Visa

Business Visas are valid for two weeks, and can be extended for longer. You must have the sponsor of a Qatari company in order to receive a business visa.

Work Visa

Expatriates, who will be working in Qatar, will be granted a single entry employment visa that is valid for one to three months. This must be arranged by your employer. Once you are in the country, you can apply for a residence permit and work visa, which will also be arranged by your employer. In order to receive a work visa, you must undergo a health checkup, and fingerprinting.

For nationals of some countries, you may have to have a checkup before you enter Qatar.

Once you’ve worked for an employee for two years, you can look into transferring to a different company in Qatar. Also, if your employer is unhappy with you, he can also block you from returning for two years.

Family Visa

Workers may sponsor their families. You will need an approval letter from your employer, a bank statement showing your salary for the last six months, marriage certificates, children’s birth certificates, and sometimes, even education certificates.

Sometimes you may need original copies, but generally photocopies are acceptable.

Visit Visa

People working in Qatar can sponsor family or relative for a visit visa that is valid for up to six months. Wives, husbands, and children can stay for up to a year. You will need a copy of their ID or passport, a letter from your sponsor, marriage certificate, or birth certificate

GCC Nationals

Do not require a visa.

Exit Visa

All residents, except spouses and children sponsored by their parent or partner, are required to have an exit visa to leave the country. To get an exit visa, talk to your sponsor.

For more information, contact the Qatar immigration office.

Airport Chief Immigration Officer
Address: State of Qatar
P.O. Box 81
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44 621 896
Fax: +974 44 621 386 / 44 633 300

Qatar Travel Tips

Getting Around

The three main forms of transportation in Qatar are buses, private vehicles, and taxis.

Buses began operating in Qatar in 2005. Ticket prices range depending on how far you are going.

Most people who reside in Qatar for the long term will choose to purchase a car. Fuel is relatively cheap in Qatar.

Taxis are a bit more expensive, but more comfortable and quicker than a bus.

Walking and bicycling are not recommended, as it can be very hot during some parts of the year. The heat can be very intense.


Arabic is the official language of Qatar. You will find that most people speak the Gulf dialect. English is the most common second language. Most locals and immigrant workers are able to speak basic English.

With the large number of expats who work in Qatar, there is also a mix of other foreign languages spoken in Qatar.


Qatar is located by the sea, so visitors will find a wide range of watersports. Kite-surfing is very popular for expats, while locals tend to prefer jet-skiing more. In addition to water sports, dune-bashing is also an exciting land alternative.


Hotel prices are becoming increasingly high in Qatar. For a regular double room in a mid-range hotel, you can expect to pay around $100 USD.


Qatar is a very safe place. Violent crimes are pretty rare.

Western women might receive negative attention, such as staring or whistling, but it is generally harmless. Avoid wearing revealing or tight-fitting clothes if you do not want negative attention.

For housemaids from other countries, there have been reports of physical abuse. In 2007, around 200 Indian women sought help from the Indian embassy for physical abuse from their employers.


Qatar is a desert, so be careful to not get dehydrated. Drink plenty of water, and use sunscreen.

Foreign Embassies in Qatar

To stay safe during your travels, always stay on top of the news and updates in your area. We recommend that expatriates and travelers get in contact with their embassies in order to receive assistance and news from your country.

All expatriates and travelers are also recommended to purchase an international medical insurance or travel insurance plan before going abroad. Not only does an insurance policy provide you peace of mind through financial protection, but your insurer can also provide you all the information you need on the network of physicians and facilities in the area that you are in.

Afghani Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of Afghanistan in Doha, Qatar
City: Doha
Phone: (+974-4) 930821-2
(+974) 4932319
Fax: (+974-4) 930819
(+974) 4932330
Email: afgembqatar@hotmail.com
Details: Non-resident envoy to: Bahrain

Algerian Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of Algeria in Doha, Qatar
Area nr 63 Villa nr 52
Modern Dafna Al Either
Street nr 941 Doha
City: Doha
Phone: 974 4 83 11 86, 974 4 83 11 87
Fax: 974 4 83 64 52

Azerbaijani Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of Azerbaijan in Doha, Qatar
West Bay-Dafna, str. 66, Saba 41
P.O. Box 23900
Doha, Qatar
City: Doha
Phone: (0974) 493 24 50
Fax: (0974) 493 17 55
Email: azembassy@qatar.com.qa

Bahraini Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain in Doha, Qatar
Al dafnah _ Auneza street
Area 66
P.O Box: 24888
Al Doha _ State of Qatar
City: Doha
Phone: 009744839362
Fax: 009744831018
Email: doha.mission@mofa.gov.bh
Office Hours: 08:00 am - 14:15 pm Thursday 08:00 am - 13:00 pm

Bangladeshi Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of Bangladesh in Doha, Qatar
77 Mussab Bin Omair Street
Al-Hilal (New), P.O. Box # 2080
Doha, Qatar
City: Doha
Phone: +974 467 1927
Fax: +974 467 1190
Website: http://www.bdembassydoha.com
Email: bdootqat@qatar.net.qa

Belgian Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of Belgium in Doha, Qatar
Al Sanaa Street, District 64
(between al Markhia and al Jamia Av.)
Doha - State of Qatar
City: Doha
Phone: + (974) 493.15.42
+ (974) 493.14.99
Fax: + (974) 493.01.51
Email: doha@diplobel.be
Office Hours: Sunday through Thursday 8.00 am to 1 pm

Bosnian Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the State of Qatar
Building 6, Saha 52-66
Al Aldafna Area
P.O.Box 876
Doha, The State of Qatar
City: Doha
Phone: +974 411 3828
Fax: +974 411 3234
Website: http://www.bhembassyqatar.org
Email: ambasada@qatar.net.qa
Office Hours: Working hours: from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Sunday to Thursday

Brazilian Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of Brazil in Qatar
AL Dafna, Area 66, Saha 95, West Bay
P.O.BOX 23122
Doha, Qatar
City: Doha
Phone: (974) 483-8812/483-8227
Fax: (974) 483-8087
Email: brasil@brasembdoha.com.qa

Bruneian Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Bruneian Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Area 66, Saha 102
West Bay [Diplomatic Area]
Doha, Qatar
P.O.BOX: 22772
City: Doha
Phone: (974) 4831956 / 4831962
Fax: (974) 4836798
Email: doha.qatar@mfa.gov.bn
Office Hours: 0800 - 1400 hrs Sunday - Thursday

Canadian Embassy in Qatar
The Embassy of Canada to Qatar
c/o 24 Al-Mutawaket Street,
Block 4, Da'Aiah Area
Kuwait City, Kuwait
Phone: (011-965) 256-3025
Fax: (011-965) 256-4167
Email: kwait@international.gc.ca

Chinese Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Chinese Embassy in Doha, Qatar
1085 West Bay Lagoon Street
West Bay Area
Doha, Qatar
City: Doha
Phone: 00974-4934203
Fax: 00974-4934201
Website: http://qa.china-embassy.org/eng/
Email: Chinashi@qatar.net.qa

Cuban Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of Cuba in Doha, Qatar
Saha 76, New Dafna
WestBay Lagoon-P.O.Box: 12017
Doha, Qatar
City: Doha
Phone: (974) 411 0713
(974) 411 0717
Fax: (974) 411 0387
Website: http://www.embacubaqatar.com
Email: embacuba@qatar.net.qa

Cypriot Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Doha, Qatar
Saba Saha 12 Street, Bld. No. 3
District 63, West Bay
P.O.Box 24482
Doha, Qatar
City: Doha
Phone: + 974 44934390/1 (office), 44933086 (Cons.), 44932970 (Res.)
Fax: + 974 44933087
Website: http://www.mfa.gov.cy/embassydoha
Email: kyprosdoha@qatar.net.qa
Office Hours: 07:00 - 14:30 (Sun. - Thur.)

Djibouti Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of the Republic of Djibouti in Qatar
23796 State of Qatar
City: Doha
Phone: (+974) 4838461
Fax: (+974) 4839245
Email: mahamadeali@hotmail.com

Djibouti Embassy in Riyadh, Qatar
Embassy of the Republic of Djibouti in Saudi Arabia
Quartier Salah-Uddin 40 Rue Al Broud
City: Riyadh
Phone: (+966-1) 4543583, 4543182
Fax: (+966-1) 4569068
Email: dya_bamakhrama@hotmail.com

Dominican Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of Dominican Republic in Qatar
West Bay Lagoon. St. 27. Villa # 15
P.O. Box: 23545 Doha, Qatar
City: Doha
Phone: +974 4113868
Fax: +974 4113267
Website: http://www.domrepemb-qatar.com
Email: dominicanrepembassydoha@hotmail.com

Egyptian Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of Egypt in Qatar
City: Doha
Phone: (00974) 4832115 - 4832116 - 4832555 - Dir: 4832424
Fax: (00974) 4832196
Website: http://www.mfa.gov.eg/missions/qatar/doha/embassy/ar-eg
Email: eg.emb_doha@mfa.gov.eg

Salvadoran Embassy in Doha, Qatar
El Salvador Embassy in Qatar
Villa No. 2, Saha 72, Sector 66 New District Doha, West Bay
City: Doha
Phone: (+974) 4110195, 4110304
Email: esv-q@rree.gob.sv

Eritrean Embassy in Dohar, Qatar
Embassy of the State of Eritrea in Qatar
P.O. Box 4309
D-Ring Road 14
City: Dohar
Phone: +974-466-7934
Fax: +961-466-4139

French Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of France in Doha, Qatar
West Bay, PO box 2669
City: Doha
Phone: [974] 483 22 83
Fax: [974] 483 22 54
Website: http://www.ambafrance-qa.org
Email: ambadoha@qatar.net.qa

French Consulate in Doha, Qatar
Consular Section of the Embassy of France in Doha, Qatar
West Bay, PO box 2669, Doha
City: Doha
Phone: [974] 483 22 83
Fax: [974] 483 55 34
Website: http://www.ambafrance-qa.org
Email: ambadoha@qatar.net.qa

Greek Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of Greece in Doha
P.O. Box 15721 Doha - Qatar
City: Doha
Phone: (00974) 4128150
Fax: (00974) 4128160
Email: gremb.doha@mfa.gr

Indian Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of India in Doha, Qatar
No. 6, Al Jaleel Street,
Al Hilal Area
P.O. Box 2788
City: Doha
Phone: 00-974-4672021, 4674660
Fax: 00-974-4670448
Website: http://www.indianembassy.gov.qa
Email: indembdh@qatar.net.qa

Indonesian Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of Indonesia in Doha, Qatar
Al-Maahed Street
Al Salata Al Jadeeda
(P.O.BOX 22375)
Doha, Qatar
City: Doha
Phone: (974) 465-7945, 466-4981
Fax: (974) 465-7610
Website: http://www.kbridoha.com
Email: inemb@qatar.net.qa
Office Hours: Sunday - Thursday : 08:30 - 12:30 and 13:30 - 16:30 Friday & Saturday : Closed

Iraqi Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of The Republic of Iraq in Qatar.
Embassy of the Republic of Iraq,Doha
City: Doha
Phone: (00974) 4672263 / (00974) 4672257
Fax: 00974/4673347
Email: dohemb@iraqmofamail.net

Iraqi Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of The Republic of Iraq in Qatar.
Embassy of the Republic of Iraq,Doha
City: Doha
Phone: (00974) 4672263 / (00974) 4672257
Fax: 00974/4673347
Email: dohemb@iraqmofamail.net

Italian Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Italian Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Dafna 61
City: Doha
Phone: 009744831828, 009744831802, 4831803
Fax: 009744831909
Website: http://www.ambdoha.esteri.it
Email: ambasciata.doha@esteri.it, consolare.doha@esteri.it

Jordanian Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of Jordan in Doha, Qatar
Al Mantiqa Al Diplomaciya
Al Khaleeg Al Arabi
City: Doha
Phone: 974-832-202
Fax: 974-832-173
Website: http://www.jordanembassy.com.qa
Email: jordand@qatar.net.qa
Office Hours: Monday - Thursday:8:00-3:00 Sunday: 8:00-3:00

Kazakhstani Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Doha
93, sector 66, Dafna
City: Doha
Phone: +974-412-8015
Fax: +974-412-8014
Email: embassykz@qatar.net.qa
Details: Ambassador Azamat R. BERDYBAY

Kuwaiti Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Kuwaiti Embassy in Doha, Qataar
P.O.Box 1177
City: Doha
Phone: (+974) 4832111, 4832127
Fax: (+974) 4832042

Lebanese Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of Lebanon in Doha, Qatar
Al Haditha Area 63
United Nation Street Villa No 5
P.O. Box 2411
City: Doha
Phone: (+974) 493-3330
Fax: (+974) 493-3331
Email: embleb@qatar.net.qa

Libyan Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of Libya in Doha, Qatar
Box 574
Doha, Qatar
City: Doha
Phone: +974 421776
Fax: +974 429548

Macedonian Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of the Republic of Macedonia in Doha, Qatar
Al-Ithar Street Villa No.28
Dafna - Diplomatic Area
Po BOX: 24262, Doha
City: Doha
Phone: +974 49 31 374
Fax: +974 48 31 572
Email: doha@mfa.gov.mk

Malaysian Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of Malaysia in Doha, Qatar
Zone 66, Lusail Street,
West Bay, Dafna,
P.O Box 23760
City: Doha
Phone: +974 4836463 / 493
Fax: +974 4836 453
Website: http://www.kln.gov.my/perwakilan/doha
Email: maldoha@kln.gov.my
Office Hours: Work day: Sunday - Thursday 0830hrs - 1630hrs [Consular: 0900 - 1200, 1400 - 1500] Holiday : Friday & Saturday

Moroccan Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of Morocco in Doha, Qatar
Diplomatic Area West Bay
P.O. Box: 3242
City: Doha
Phone: (+974) 483-1884 / 5
Fax: (+974) 483-3416
Email: moroccoe@qatar.net, moroccoe@qatar.net.qa, moroccoe@yahoo.com
Details: Chargé d'Affaires a.i: Mr. Bouzekri Raihani

Nepalese Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of Nepal in Doha, Qatar
Villa No 13,
Street No 810,
42, Ibne Bajah
City: Doha
Phone: +00974-467-5681, 5683
Fax: +00974-467-5680
Website: http://www.rnedoha.org.qa/
Email: rnedoha@qatar.net.qa

Omani Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman in Doha, Qatar
Near West Bay Petrol Stationt
Region 63, Saha 17, Villa No.3
Al-Dafna,P.O. Box 1525
City: Doha
Phone: (+974) 493 1514 / 1910
Fax: (+974) 493 2278
Email: oman-e126@hotmail.com
Office Hours: 07:30 - 13:30
Details: Ambassador:Mr. Rashed Bin Mubarak Bin Rashed Al- Ghelany

Pakistani Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Doha, Qatar
30, Diplomatic Area, West Bay,
City: Doha
Phone: (+974) 4832525, 4832235-7
Fax: (+974) 4832227
Email: parepqat@qatar.net.qa

Palestinian Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Palestine Embassy in Qatar
Al-Khalij St., PO Box 138, 4100616
City: Doha
Phone: 974-4688272
Fax: 974-4688949
Email: palembs@qatar.net.qa

Philippine Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of Philippines in Doha, Qatar
Villa # 7 A1 Eithar Street
Saha 2, West Bay Area
P.O. Box 24900
City: Doha
Phone: (00974) 483-1585; 483-2560
Fax: (00974) 483-1595
Email: dohape@dfa.gov.ph / dohape@yahoo.com

Polish Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Polish Embassy in Qatar
Al-Qutaifiya 66, Str. No. 519 Saha 4 West Bay
City: Doha
Phone: +51.1.471.3920
Fax: +974.411.3230
Website: http://www.doha.polemb.net/
Email: doha.amb.sekretariat@msz.gov.pl

Romanian Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of Romania in Doha, Qatar
Ibn Roshd Street, No. 40, Dafna Area
P.O.Box 22511
City: Doha
Phone: (00) (974) 4934848 or 4930369
Fax: (00) (974) 4934747
Email: romamb@qatar.net.qa

Russian Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of Russia in Doha, Qatar
P.O. BOX. 15404, doha, Qatar New Doha (Qatifiya)
Area 66, Street #804, Villa #4
City: Doha
Phone: +974 483-62-31, 483-68-21
Fax: +974 483-62-43
Email: rusemb@qatar.net.qa

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Saudi Arabia Embassy in Doha, Qatar
3rd Circle Rd.- South
Al- Mountazah Garden, Al-Doha
City: Doha
Phone: 427144/427145

Senegalese Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Senegal Embassy , Qatar
New Salata - D-Ring Road, Villa n, Doha
PO Box 8291
City: Doha
Phone: +974 467 65 67/467 42 28
Fax: +974 467 65 89
Email: amsendo@qatarnet.ga
Details: Responsible for Israel, Palestine and Qatar

Seychelles Consulate in Doha, Qatar
Consulate of Seychelles in Doha, Qatar
47854 Doha, Qatar
City: Doha
Email: tym@hotmail.com

Singaporean Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of Singapore in Qatar
New West Bay Area (off Lusail Street)
City: Doha
Phone: +974-412-8082 / +974-412-8083
Fax: +974-412-8180 / +974-412-818

South African Embassy in Doha, Qatar
South Africa Embassy , Qatar
Al Dafna street 523, House 91
PO Box 24744
City: Doha
Phone: +974-4857111
Fax: +974-4835961
Email: saembdoha@qatar.net.qa, saemtrainfo@qatar.net.qa

Spanish Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of Spain in Doha, Qatar
Al- Isteqlal Aven- West Bay
City: Doha
Phone: (+974)-4844104 / 4835886 / 4835901
Fax: +974-4844101 / +974-4835887
Email: emb.esp.qatar@terra.es

Sudanese Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of Sudan in Qatar
Al-Hilal Street
City: Doha
Phone: (+974) 4831508,4831474, 4831473
Fax: (+974)-4833031
Email: osman@qatar.net.qa

Syrian Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic in Doha, Qatar
Doha, Qatar
City: Doha
Phone: (+974) 4831844, 4832409
Fax: (+974) 4832139
Website: http://www.syrianembassy.com.qa/Welcome.htm
Email: info@syrianembassy.com.qa

Thai Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of Thailand in Qatar
Villa No. 162
Al Eithar Street
Dafna, Westbay Area,
P.O. Box 22474
City: Doha
Phone: (974) 4550715, 4550716, 4934426, 4934432
Fax: (974) 4550835, 4930514
Website: http://www.thaiembqatar.com
Email: thaidoh@qatar.net.qa

Tunisian Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of Tunisia in Qatar
West Bay
City: Doha
Phone: +974-4832645
Fax: +974-4832649
Email: at.doha@qatar.net.qa

Turkish Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of Turkey in Qatar
Dafna - Al Istqlal street
City: Doha
Phone: +974 495 1300
Fax: +974 495 1320
Email: turkishamboffice@gmail.com

Emirati Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of United Arab Emirates in Doha, Qatar
22 Al Markhiyah Street, Khalifa Northern Town
Doha, Qatar
City: Doha
Phone: +974-4838880/+974-4836082
Fax: +974-4836186
Email: emarat@qatar.net.qa

American Embassy in Doha, Qatar
U.S. Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Al-Luqta district
22nd February Street
Doha, Qatar
City: Doha
Phone: 974 496 6089 (between the hours of 1:30 to 3:30 pm)
Fax: (974) 488-4298
Website: http://qatar.usembassy.gov
Email: nivconsulardoha@state.gov, ConsularDoha@state.gov.
Office Hours: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings by appointment only.

Venezuelan Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of Venezuela in Qatar
Villa No 57-826, Al-Mabahej Street, 66 West Bay
Doha, Qatar
City: Doha
Phone: +974-493-2730 / +974-493-2734
Fax: +974-493-2729
Email: embavenqatar@qatar.net.qa

Yemeni Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Embassy of Yemen in Doha, Qatar
P.O.Box 3318
Villa Mohamed Maayouf Al-Naimy
Doha, Qatar
City: Doha
Phone: (+974) 4432555, 4326558, 4671050/1
Fax: (+974) 4429400


List of Hospitals in Qatar

To provide further assistance for your travels, we’ve compiled a list of a mix of public and private hospitals in different major cities in the Middle East region. To ensure your safety, always keep a list of local hospitals handy when you are traveling.

There are hospitals in Qatar that can provide a high quality of care. However, the costs at private and public hospitals without medical insurance coverage can be very expensive depending on your medical condition. Protect yourself and your family with a comprehensive medical insurance plan that offers worldwide coverage.

In addition to this list, if you have international medical insurance, you can contact your insurer’s 24 hour hotline. They can provide up the most up-to-date information about the quality and location of hospitals and physicians in your area.

We provide free assistance for any expatriates or travelers looking for medical insurance. Contact us today for free advice and information on an international medical insurance plan.

Al Ahli Hospital
Ahmad bin Ali Street
Wadi Al Sali
P.O box 6401
Tel: +974 4898426
Fax: +974 4898989

Al Ahmad Oncology hospital (Rumailah Hospital)
Mohammed Bin Thani Street
P.O box 3050
Tel: +974 4393333
Fax: +974 4745555
Web: www.hmc.org.qa
Email: webmaster@hmc.org.qa

Al Emadi Hospital
D-Ring road
Al Hilal West
P.O. box 5804
Tel: +974 4666009
Fax: +974 4678340

American Hospital Doha
C-ring road
Al Muntazah
P.O box 9958
Tel: +974 4421999
Fax: +974 4244888
Web: www.ahqatar.com
Email: ahqatar@qatar.net.qa

Doha Clinic Hospital
New Al-Miqab street
Al Sadd
P.O. box 9958
Tel: +974 4384333
Fax: +974 4327303
Web: www.doha-hospital.com

Al-Kenana Street
Tel: + 974 444 0156

Hamad General Hospital
Rayyan Road
P.O box 3050
Tel: +974 4394444
Web: www.hmc.org.qa
Email: webmaster@hmc.org.qa

Qatar Medical Centre
Salwa Road
P.O box 6904
Tel: +974 444 0606

Womens Hospital
Rayyan road
P.O box 3050
Tel: +974 4396666
Web: www.hmc.org.qa

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