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Aetna Global Benefits in Dubai

Aetna Global Benefits Dubai


Aetna Global Benefits (AGB), established in 1982 under the name "GoodHealth," strives to set itself apart by providing the highest quality international medical plans for expatriates and travelers around the world. Aetna Global Benefits has offices all over the world in order to ensure that AGB will always be available to assist its members wherever they are. As a member of AGB, you can feel safe knowing that you will always have the highest quality service and coverage.

With over 700 employees in over 15 offices worldwide, AGB can offer services that its competitors cannot. AGB was the first to introduce an online data bank that allows policyholders to connect with hospitals and physicians all across the globe. AGB is not only dedicated to providing medical treatment and insurance to its clients, but also to innovative ways of providing quality, convenient service.

AGB's experience and understanding of local health networks worldwide makes it so that no matter where you travel, you will have a guide with you taking care of you medically and financially.

Expatriates in the GCC or Middle Eastern region interested in an international medical insurance policy with Aetna Global Benefits can contact us for further assistance. Our service is free, and the quotes you receive from us are the same as the quotes you receive from Aetna Global Benefits directly. Being an independent broker with years of experience in the UAE and Gulf region, we can provide you quality industry information and advice. Our in-depth knowledge can help you compare Aetna Global Benefits with other quality insurers in your region, finding the plan that fits you or your group best.

Our experience in Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon can provide you the most up-to-date information on global health insurance policies, laws, and regulations.

To receive a free Aetna Global Benefits comparison table or just to ask a few questions about an international or local medical insurance plan, please contact us today.



R&SA offer fully compliant local insurance solutions throughout the United Arab Emirates. A great variety of health plans are available through R&SA for citizens in the UAE, offering comprehensive insurance coverage for yourself and your family. 

Royal and Sun Alliance is one of the oldest insurance companies in the world, with origins in 1710. The company is composed of 3 previously independent insurers who merged to form Royal and Sun Alliance in 1966. They enforced the company values of integrity, performance and responsibility from the start which has allowed this insurance company, with its many years of expertise, to continue to provide you with the best products and services available.

R&SA insures people in over 130 countries around the world, making them a true market leader in the medical insurance industry. From their 30 representative offices across the globe, R&SA are in a truly unique position to offer their customers the help and dedication that they need anywhere. Royal and Sun Alliance places great emphasis on the strength of their customer service, working to provide innovative solutions and high levels of quality to all R&SA clients. As a quality provider of health insurance in the UAE, R&SA offer quality health plans to all citizens; both locals and foreigners, living in the Emirates.

With a highly qualified underwriting and claims team, and a long history in the medical insurance field, R&SA can deal in countries that many other insurers do not operate in. R&SA has the versatility and experience to offer you a policy that will address your specific insurance needs, no matter where you are. 

Productsa are delivered in a consistent and reliable manner while providing the best customer service available. Royal and Sun Alliance set customer communication as one of their highest priorities and, as a result, you are guaranteed to get help with any aspect of understanding your health insurance policy.

If you would like more information on R&SA or the products available through them, then contact us today.

Questions and Answers from Visitors

  1. Gayle:

    Please foward me some informtion on the options and prices for insurance for my 19 YO son, he is a student and a resident of Dubai.


    1. Aurora:

      Dear Gayle,

      Thank you for your inquiry. I'd be happy to provide a quotation for you. We work with over 20 different insurers, so depending on the benefits you want and your son's current situation, your needs can vary.

      What type of benefits were you looking for? Plans can start as basic as inpatient (hospitalization) only benefits and can be as comprehensive as plans that cover inpatient, outpatient, dental, and annual check up benefits.

      Also, depending on where you want coverage at, your rates can vary. The UAE has a very large range of hospitals, and you will find that the prices will greatly vary. Some hospitals will charge 90 AED a consultation, and some will charge 450 AED a consultation. Depending on where you want access to, the insurance plan suitable for your son can be different.

      I've sent you some rates now for a general inpatient and outpatient plan to your email address. If these plans are not suitable, just let me know and I can revise them for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. We are based in Dubai as well, so we can also set up a meeting if you'd like.


      Aurora Chan
      Sales Manager


  2. Rachel:

    Are there any insurers that can provide me with a plan in Dubai that will continue to cover me if I am sent on another placement outside of the UAE?


    1. Aurora:

      Hi. My name is Aurora. The answer is yes, we can provide a plan that covers you if you are outside the UAE. We work with many international and regional insurers, so depending on your specific needs, we can find a plan that fits you. Could you please give me more information about yourself so I can send a quote by email.
      • Where in the UAE do you live? Dubai? Abu Dhabi? Sharjah?
      • Is this also where your residence visa is from?
      • Which countries do you travel to the most?
      • What level of coverage do you need? Inpatient(hospitalization) only? Outpatient as well? Maternity?
      • When do you need this coverage to start?
      • Whether there are any pre-existing conditions that need covered by the insurance?
      • Your date of birth? Date of birth of any other members who need to be included? Gender? Nationality?
      • Do you have any preference of hospitals?
      • Do you currently have health insurance? If so, with who?
      Please get back to me as soon as it is convenient for you, I will then compare all suitable insurers and send you a comparison table within the day. As you may already know, our service is completely impartial and free.


  3. Nadia:

    Do you offer insurance plans that cover Dental, Maternity, and Fertility treatment?


    1. Luke:

      Being an international brokerage, we work with all of the international insurance companies, as well as a number of local/regional insurers. As a general rule, the international companies are much more comprehensive in nature and offer a wider range of benefits with higher limits. You will find that every one of these have options for Inpatient (Hospitalisation), Outpatient (Consultations), as well as additional benefits such as Maternity, Dental, and Annual Health Checks. There are only a few companies that offer coverage for fertility treatment, and none that will cover it if you know you require the fertility treatment before you take out the plan.


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