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Daman is a local health insurance company only available in the UAE for UAE residents. Daman was founded in 2005 and has quickly grown its membership to over 1 million members. Daman prides itself on an efficient customer service with around 30 multilingual customer service staff.

The insurer offers 24 hour access to medical authorizations in case you are not aware of what hospitals and physicians are in the network. It is important to get all medical treatment pre-approved in case it is not covered by Daman. With a 24 hour hotline, you can always call to obtain approval before receiving treatment to avoid heavy financial costs.

Daman has branches all over the UAE, making it convenient to get local customer support. They also boast a high membership card production facility that can produce more than 10,000 membership cards a day to expedite your enrollment process should you decide to buy a Daman health insurance policy.

For expatriates who travel a lot, the company does offer an international plan at additional costs. However, this plan excludes many countries such as Canada and the US. Another option is to pay for the international emergency plan. This allows you emergency coverage when you are outside the UAE.

Expatriates and travelers should also be warned that should you leave the UAE for more than 6 months, you will automatically be dropped from the policy without a refund. In addition, any pre-existing conditions that you develop while with this local policy will not be likely to be covered in your next insurance policy.

Any expatriate or traveler interested in a Daman medical insurance policy can contact UAE Medical Insurance for assistance. Our service is free and we are an independent insurance consultancy, so we can offer unbiased information showing Daman in comparison with other insurers in the region.

UAE Medical Insurance's years of experience in the Middle Eastern and Arabian Peninsular region gives us in depth knowledge of the medical insurance industry. You can utilize our expertise to help you find the global health insurance policy that suits you best.

We are based in the UAE, but also very experienced with Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Lebanon, and Bahrain. We can provide any expatriates or travelers looking for health insurance in the area the most up-to-date information on medical insurance policies, rules, and laws.

Contact us today for a free information pack comparison table for any local or international insurance companies, including Daman.

Questions and Answers from Visitors

  1. rose:

    how can our company can apply for the insurance? looking forward to your reply. thank you.


    1. Amie Hart:

      Dear Rose,

      A company insurance plan can be set up very quickly. Providing you have at least 3 employees, there are a number of group plans available to you.

      A company policy provides the following benefits:

      1. Freedom to add and remove members throughout the policy year
      2. A discount (the higher the number of employees, the higher the discount)
      3. Prior medical conditions fully covered (providing there are a minimum of 10 employees)
      4. Flexible benefits
      5. Outpatient direct billing with many insurers

      The application process varies, depending on the number of employees joining the scheme. There will always be an application form that will need to be completed by the group secretary, as well as providing the group census list.

      I will be happy to provide you with a group quotation. Please contact us directly for further information.

      Best regards,



  2. Rose:

    How about those one that we need to do as a company provider? Because our company wants to have insurance for the patients in the dental clinic that are coming. How can we avail that? Thank you. Looking forward to your reply.


    1. Amie:

      Please feel free to pass our details on to your patients and we can advise them accordingly.

      Patients will have to purchase their own medical cover, which will then offer dental as an extra benefit. Dental benefits are usually included in their most comprehensive plans.

      We would advise each patient individually, based on their requirements and personal situation.


  3. Rose:

    I just wanna ask and I need your help. We apply for a medical provider and we send and pass the documents needed through net without completing the requirements no. 1 which is we need to have the confirmation registration in eclaim system? But after sending it we just register in the eclaim system until now we are waiting for confirmation registration in the eclaim system but no confirmation yet, does it affect our registration in eclaim system with the uncomplete requirements that we send in DAMAN? Thank you. I hope you can help me solve this problem. Looking forward on your reply


  4. syed iqtidar ali shah:

    i need health insurance for my wife and my 2 months old daughter


    1. Aries:

      My name is Aries and it will be my pleasure to help you research insurance. We are a Health Insurance broker company and we work for international health insurance company like Aliance, OIC and Bupa, William Russell, NOW Health, etc. and we also have Regional Insurance companies that may find your interest and base on your inquiry, you are looking for a family health insurance in UAE that will cover inpatient, outpatient for your kid and maternity for your wife.
      There are two insurance company that matched your requirements, AXA Gulf and Morgan Price. Both insurance company offer direct billing and have a plan that covers maternity benefits. AXA Gulf is one of the largest insurance company in UAE and there price is really competitive and has a good reputation. The other insurance company is Morgan Price which is a UK based company, there service is really great and you can make payment Annualy, semi-annual, quarterly and monthly. I’ll send you a quotation for both insurer and if you have question regarding the plan, feel free to contact me again.
      I hope this finds you well.


  5. Ann Kritzinger:

    My husband is a policy holder through daman -Is it possible to get travel insurance for family that will be visiting us in the UAE at the end of Nov for 10 days?


    1. Paul:

      Dear Sir/Madam,
      Thank you for your recent enquiry.
      Please provide information on the below so as to research the most accurate cover and forward a complete medical overview of the market;
      • Date of Birth(s) of policyholder(s):
      • Nationality?
      • What are your visiting dates?
      • Is there any particular areas of cover you are interested in?
      Once I receive the above I will forward on some quotations immediately.
      Kindest Regards


  6. batool:

    Hi. My father has DM from last 15 years and HTN, I want to do medical insurance for him, which should cover his inpatient and outpatient, prescribed medicine, what would be price be?


    1. Lucy:

      Insurers differ in how they view pre-existing conditions. Depending on the condition and the insurer a condition may either be:
      - Covered with no loading to the premium
      - Covered with a loading to the premium
      - Excluded from cover
      - Result in a declined application.
      Cover for pre-existing conditions is offered on an individual basis by the insurers and dependent on the condition. If you speak to a Pacific Prime advisor they will be able to advise, based on their experience, whether an insurer may offer specific cover. They may then suggest that you complete an application, detailing pre-existing conditions for the insurer to review. If you cannot get your pre-existing condition covered it is still important to take medical insurance. Medical insurance offers you peace of mind in the knowledge that if something unexpected happened to you would be covered and not be confronted with extremely large medical bills. Pacific Prime offers a completely free service and we won’t affect your current policy or increase your premium, the advantage you get when you come to us is that we can provided at once quotes from a wide range of insurance companies, as well as helping you see the differences on the covers and advice on which plan would better suit your requirements. Thanks.


  7. biju:

    i need family insurance plan for my wife and 4 months kid


    1. Paul:

      Dear Sir/Madam,
      Thank you for your enquiry, my name is Paul Hogan and I will be assisting you in your search for Medical Coverage.
      Please note that we offer international plans that will cover you in two areas; either worldwide, or worldwide excluding USA. Pacific Prime has offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai.
      We work with all the internationally recognised insurance companies such as BUPA, Allianz, Cigna, Aetna to name just a few.
      Please provide information on the below so as to research the most accurate cover and forward a complete medical overview of the market;
      • Do you have any current insurance plan in place?
      • Do you require international coverage, or just within the UAE?
      • Do you have a specific budget in mind?
      • Is there a specific insurance company that you are interested in?
      • What is your current occupation/employment?
      • Date of Birth(s) of policyholder(s):
      I look forward to hearing from you.
      Kind Regards,


  8. tame :

    My son is 2 years old. Is it possible to obtain medical insurance for a child alone in the UAE?


    1. Luke:

      As many people have found, it is local policy within the UAE that you are unable to insure a child on their own, and you must have at least one parent on the plan. This is not the case with many international insurers. Being an international brokerage, there are about 5 – 10 options that we can offer for coverage of children alone. Important benefits to look at when insuring children alone are the inclusion of Child Health Checks and Vaccinations on their policy. This is particularly important for newborns within the UAE, where it is required for them to have frequent screenings and vaccinations within the first years of life.


  9. abby:

    Hi. Do I need to apply for the same policy as my spouse, while in the UAE?


    1. Filip:

      Although it is true that in a certain situation you will need to purchase exactly the same policy as your spouse, usually there is no such a requirement. The only situation where that's the case is when you are an Abu Dhabi resident (hold a visa issued in Abu Dhabi) or work in that emirate, while your spouse is sponsored by you. In this case, due to special regulations, both of you need to apply for a locally licensed visa which meets Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) criteria. Pacific Prime can offer you a few solutions here. However, in all other cases, the spouses are not obliged to purchase the same policy. We well understand that you might have completely different requirements and expectations than your spouse (with regards to level of coverage or special benefits, like medical evacuation or maternity). We have a wide range of options to choose from.
      The rest will be sent shortly, hopefully.


  10. Maria:

    Do you provide medical coverage for a short period of three month?


    1. Diyar:

      Unfortunately the insurance companies don’t offer short period of insurance coverage. However there is a way to get insured for a briefly period. To get a medical coverage for a brief period we can offer you a travel insurance that will cover you for three months. The insurance companies will consider to insure you for the period based on your age, nationality, the location where you are traveling, pre-existing conditions and gender. Please provide us the information mentioned above and we will make a quote with the best and suitable insurance coverage for you.


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