Keep Fit and Unleash Your Wild Side With Extreme Sports in the UAE
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Keep Fit and Unleash Your Wild Side With Extreme Sports in the UAE

We have rounded up the best extreme sports available in the UAE for those who like to live life to the full.

Keep Fit and Unleash Your Wild Side With Extreme Sports in the UAE

Extreme sports can be incredibly exciting and scary all at the same. Although the majority of extreme sports require safety precautions, sometimes doing something dangerous can be good for your health. It's not necessarily a bad thing to get your blood pumping and do something that scares you every once in awhile. It can do wonders for you, both mentally and physically, from conquering fears to boosting confidence. If you've never tried anything remotely risky, maybe now could be the time to live on the edge a little more. For those of you who love living life to the full and taking risks, UAE has rounded up some great places to get your extreme sports fix.

Shark diving is up there with some of the most dangerous and scary activities. This is a perfect experience for first timers as it's actually located in Dubai Mall at Dubai Aquarium, so it's a more controlled environment as opposed to being in the open sea with wild sharks. It's a great experience because the Dubai Aquarium holds the worlds largest collection of sand tigers, so you will be surrounded! First timers fear not as qualified instructors will be nearby. Both certified divers and non-certified divers can enjoy this unique adventure and the facility welcomes those ages from ten and over to take part. The aquarium holds three dives a day and full equipment is included in the package price.

Our next extreme sport was initially only available to VIPs as it's very expensive to own the equipment needed. Now though, Jetpack flying has been made available to all members of the public in Dubai and is still a relatively new sport on the extreme sport scene. The jetpack works by using the force of water in order to propel you into the air. Pearl Watercrafts, located in Dubai Marina Yacht Club, are offering people the chance to try this exclusive experience and have a training center in Ghantoot Marina, twenty minutes down the road. You can choose from a thirty minute basic flight experience for beginners to an hour and a half advanced flight experience where you will learn to fly by yourself. Jet pack flying is perfect for people who love water sports and who have always dreamed of using a jet pack.

Skydiving seems to make it on to most people's bucket lists and Skydive Dubai is certainly a once in a lifetime experience. Skydive Dubai caters to both beginners and experienced skydivers and even has a school for people who want to train to become a licensed skydiver. You also have the option to go it alone or if you're new to the experience, you can dive tandem. In addition to that, Skydive Dubai has a huge swoop pond that you can land in, just in case you prefer your feet to touch water instead of land! If fear of heights is a major problem, then you could always re-create that experience with iFly Dubai. This is an indoor skydiving experience and is perfect if you want a skydiving adventure with kids.

If driving is your thing, then you may want to give Desert Safari Dubai a whirl. Unleash the wild driver in you and go crazy across the dunes in an off road vehicle. There are many packages to choose from including morning, evening and overnight desert safari. The overnight package offers dune bashing, camel rides, dinner buffet and a stay at the campsite, as well as other activities. Not too fussed on desert safari? Try Dubai MotoCross Club. As this is a club, you will have to become a member first, so this is perfect if you're a regular thrill seeker. Younger riders are welcome to join as they have a junior track that was specially designed so youngsters can compete in a safe environment. In addition to that, they have a senior track for the professionals. Keeping with the desert theme, sandboarding is a popular sport and can get pretty hairy depending on how you approach the dunes. Very similar to snowboarding, you can give this sandy sport a try through The Dubai Safari company, who arrange an array of desert activities.

Water sports are also quite popular in the UAE and jet skiing is where a lot of people find their thrills. Jet Ski Dubai owns a variety of jet skis to cater for families and groups. They are located in in Ghantoot Marina and even offer group discounts, definitely an option worth checking out with friends. Kite surfing is another popular sport, but can be pretty dangerous without appropriate instruction, so be careful. DuKite is the official kitesurfing club in Dubai and is located on Jumairah beach. They have a kitesurfing school which offers lessons and courses for beginners along with teaching different levels. All the equipment is included in the school, so all you need to bring is yourself!

Finally, a sport that you wouldn't normally expect to find in a desert climate, but one that is definitely heaps of fun. It's Ski Dubai of course! This indoor ski resort is a 22,500 square metre snow playground and also offers other activities such as zorbing down the 85-meter-high mountain. Offering a variety of classes, this resort also houses a freestyle zone, which is ideal for the more experienced snow sports fans. If the desert heat is getting too much, then Ski Dubai is the perfect place to take a load off and get your heart racing fix.


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