Things To Do After School in Dubai
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Things To Do After School in Dubai

A long day at work will make an adult feel tired, but a long day in class only seems to make kids more energetic; hence, the importance of after school activities. UMI looks at things to do after school in Dubai.

A long day at work will make an adult feel tired, but a long day in class only seems to make kids more energetic; hence, the importance of after school activities. By making a smart choice of program, kids can be entertained and fill their afternoons while also being productive and growing into smart, well-adjusted young adults. A wide variety of options can foster positive attributes in children – creativity, imagination, social and communication skills, problem-solving, and even time management. Extracurricular activities can also introduce kids to friends other than their classmates and neighbors.

How to Choose

Choosing an after school activity can be overwhelming, but in the end it’s actually good news that there are so many different options; education is a thriving businesses in Dubai, and narrowing down the plethora of extracurricular activity choices is the key to finding a good fit for your family.

Each child is different, and it’s important to encourage and foster individual interests and talents. It is not a good idea to push the child into anything which won’t hold their interest. One way to make sure the child really is keen on an activity (and to prevent the parent paying for an unwanted class) is to test it out. This can be done through an observation session, or by trying something similar to the class in question.

Another idea is to find an activity that fills a gap left by school. If the child doesn’t have any music or foreign language classes at school, consider finding one to attend after school to round out his or her education.

Start slow and don’t schedule too many activities, to let the child get used to the new routine and decide if he or she likes the scheduled time. Also keep in mind the location of the activity. Is transportation provided or will that be left up to parents? Is the activity at school or somewhere new? While being more difficult in terms of transportation, after school activities that take place in a location further afield can help break the monotony of a child’s day by stimulating their mind with a different environment.

Where to Find Classes

The Internet has lots of information on after school activities, and blogs, parent groups and articles will offer ideas and links to specific websites. A child’s school may also have information and resources to sign up for school programs. The best way to get activity recommendations is often good, old-fashioned word of mouth. Ask other parents at school, work, and around the neighborhood for their personal opinions on extracurriculars. Newspapers, both in print and online, are also a good resource to find special events catered to kids.

Types of Activities

Sports encourage teamwork, social skills, confidence, and healthy physical activity. Plus, they are a great way for kids to burn off some of their excess energy. With so many different types of team and individual sports on offer, it’s a good bet that every child can find at least one sport they will enjoy. Dubai has classes for swimming, karate, wall climbing, rugby, football and more, along with kids gyms for little ones to run around and play. There are many sports academies that can help kids perfect their skills, such as the Clark Francis Tennis Academy, the International Football Academy or the UAE English Soccer School of Excellence, the Arabian Gulf Swimming Academy and Australian International Swim Schools. Visit the website for links to more sporting activities.

The Arts:
There are many options for budding little artists in Dubai. Creating or participating in art can help build a child’s concentration and visual-learning skills, which benefit kids in and outside of school. And don’t limit the choices to traditional drawing and painting! Dance, theater, and musical instrument lessons are just some of the other artistic options. Turning Pointe and Kids Theatre Works are two places that offer classes in ballet and drama, respectively. If a child responds well to music lessons, there’s no need to stop there! Orchestras, bands, and clubs, such as Dubai Drums and Emirates Youth Symphony Orchestra let kids play music with other children or for audiences and expand their skills even more.

Just because school is over for the day, it doesn’t mean that the learning should end. After school tutoring is a great option for kids who need some extra help or a different way to learn. In a non-classroom setting with one-on-one instruction, children can flourish where they struggle at school, or simply study a new skill. Learning a foreign language or how to cook at a young age can cultivate skills a child will be grateful to have for a lifetime. De Dietrich Cuisine Academy has cooking classes for young kids on Saturday mornings, as well as other special events just for children. Scouts and Brownies are clubs that not only educate kids, but also teach them about helping others and being a part of their community.

Lots of special events and activities for kids and their families can be found at this website. Think outside the box to find weekend ideas that the whole family can enjoy -  sporting events, plays, shows at museums, author visits and readings, street festivals, and runs or walks are all fun activities to energize and open the mind.

Whatever a child is interested in, odds are there is a club or activity to suit his or her needs. Parents should do their research to find something their child will love, while keeping in mind the opportunities for building knowledge, making new friends, and gaining skills to last a lifetime.


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