Top 8 Healthy Places to Eat in Dubai
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Top 8 Healthy Places to Eat in Dubai

Sticking to a diet or making the effort to eat healthy can sometimes be temporary as it's hard to stay on track. UMI can help as we've rounded up top 8 healthy places to eat in Dubai

Top 8 Healthy Places to Eat in Dubai

Struggling to diet or have a major sweet tooth? Look no further than UMI's top list of healthy places to eat around Dubai! Sometimes we notice ourselves snacking a little too much on sweet or fatty foods, but it can be hard to find alternatives. There are many benefits to incorporating healthy eating habits into your daily routine: lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and better general health. While it's initially attractive to start a new diet full of organic, green food, it’s easy to lose enthusiasm for always taking the low fat, low sugar option. However, healthy food doesn't have to be boring food! UMI has rounded up this list of the top eight food establishments that are both yummy and nutritious.

1. Baker and Spice in Downtown Dubai is a restaurant that serves mostly organic food and uses a crossover of European and Middle Eastern tastes. They focus on using fresh local produce and high quality ingredients with no artificial additives. The menu at Baker and Spice will have your mouth watering instantly, especially with their morning pastries selection, but they also have fresh fruit salads and organic tea. Their all-day menu has plenty of healthy options too, with fish, salads and soups to choose from. Baker and Spice even has a home cooking cafe menu! This place is great if you want good food made with natural and local ingredients.

2. Organic Foods & Cafe is run by a family, and operates as both a supermarket and a cafe. If you are looking for specialist food or products that are difficult to find, this is a good place to track them down; the shop organic and bio-dynamic foods, as well as supplements, beauty products and baby products. Organic Foods & Cafe pride themselves on supplying hormone and chemical free products, so you can be rest assured you're consuming natural foods. They also cater to specialist diets, so if you're vegan or have allergies to wheat, you can pick up produce that is free from these ingredients. An added bonus is that they are conveniently located in The Village Mall, as well as other locations across UAE.

3. Zest Restaurant mostly focuses on savory foods such as wraps and salads, but they also have a snack section that offers fruit salads, muesli pots and yummy smoothies. This healthy haven is located in Tunisia Food Court, Ibn Battuta Mall, and is close to Interchange 6. Zest is ideal for grabbing food on the go and makes a great place for a quick and healthy lunch. All the food is fresh and made on location, so you know you're getting the right nutrients without the bad stuff.

4. Fruitesca is a fruit paradise located in the Dubai Mall, and operated by fruit experts! The employees at Fruitesca are masters at creating great juices and pride themselves on using fresh fruits. If you're needing a little detox, this is an ideal place to go as you can rest assured that their juices are honest and healthy. Fruitesca is perfect for the dry summer months, as their juices are full of vitamins and will keep you hydrated.

5. Red Mango is a frozen yogurt chain that has taken off in the U.S. and is slowly expanding on a global scale. Their focus is selling all-natural and non-fat frozen yoghurt, so this healthy treat is ideal in the hot summer months. There can be temptations with the toppings, but as long as you stick to fruit, you can't go wrong. Red Mango offers a selection of flavored natural frozen yoghurt with healthy toppings such as orange, banana, kiwi and nuts.

6. Jungle Juice is another juice bar and makes a great stop if you're craving a fruit fix. They focus on combining fruits and vegetables to make juices that are rich in vitamins, and have a “natural boosters” menu which contains berries to give you more energy. Jungle Juice also has an all-green menu that is packed with green vegetable juice mixes, as well as the option to make your own combinations. Jungle Juice is perfect on a hot day, during a juice cleanse, or simply to keep topped up with vitamins on a regular basis.

7. Freshii is a health cafe located in the Dubai International Finance Center and offering an array of healthy food options. These include wraps, salads, noodle bowls, fat-free froyo, soups and healthy breakfasts. This is great for lunch, and if the queue is a bit much, they have a self-service menu to note down your order. Not only that, you can customize your salad or burrito, which is perfect if there are certain foods you’re looking to avoid due to allergies or diet.

8. Kcal Extra Success Program is a company that delivers healthy meals to your front door, so you can easily enjoy treats such as juicy, ripe fruit and not be tempted stray toward the chocolate bars. Kcal produces food plans for people trying to diet with busy lifestyles. All the food is natural, and meals are based around fruits and vegetables. Live'ly is another food delivery diet program that helps you keep your eating goals on track. These sorts of food programs are perfect for busy people who want an easy way to eat healthier.

It's evident that there are plenty of places to get your healthy eats and most of them are ideal for busy lifestyles. Hot summers can be tough on the body, but places like Red Mango and Jungle Juice are perfect for cooling off while being healthy at the same time.


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