5 Most Popular Diets in UAE
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5 Most Popular Diets in UAE

Dieting is pretty common nowadays with so much focus on health and keeping fit. Want to know the most popular diets in the UAE? Read here to find out!

5 Most Popular Diets in UAE

People diet for a number of reasons, whether it's to lose some post-baby weight, fit into a favorite piece of clothing, or to start a healthier routine. Dieting can be incredibly difficult, especially if there's more emphasis on looks as opposed to health. It's okay to go on a diet, as long as it's done safely and health is strongly taken into consideration. Some people opt for support groups or programs, while others prefer to go it alone. Whichever you choose, ensure you make a plan and choose a diet that suits you and your lifestyle, and involves at least three regular meals - be it breakfast, lunch and dinner, or a series of small portions throughout the day. To figure out which eating plan is best, it’s helpful to look at some leading diet programs.

1. Weight Watchers

This is a popular weight-loss program due to its success stories on a global scale. While there are no official WW meetup groups in the UAE, many people opt to use the program online or download the magazine for healthy recipes. If you're looking for something more official in terms of a group meet up every week or month, then you can always call on friends or check out expat blogs to find others looking to create a WW meet up. There are also various supermarkets that stock some Weight Watcher products, such as Carrefour and Spinneys which are both located across the UAE, and Safestway in Dubai.

2. Health Factory

This is a health and nutritionist company that provides an array of health as well as diet solutions. They offer eight different diet programs from qualified nutritionists, as well as meal programs delivered to your front door. These programs range from helping women to lose baby weight, to improving kids’ health with more nutritious meals. Health Factory is one of the leading diet specialists in the Gulf, and has many success stories due to the safe nature of their weight-loss programs. Ensuring that a nutritionist and a dietician is involved when trying to lose weight is highly recommended as their experience can help you reach goals in a safe way.

3. The Lunch Box Diet

Established by Simon Lovell and aims to cut out unhealthy snacks. This is well-suited to people with busy lifestyles who often snack throughout the day to keep hunger at bay. Unhealthy snacking can have a bad effect on health, especially for those with office-type jobs! The Lunch Box Diet basically involves eating normally for breakfast and dinner, and then snacking on a lunch box in between that's packed with 60 percent veggies, 30 percent protein and 10 percent dressings and condiments. The aim of this diet is to balance your blood sugar levels, which means you're less likely to snack on unhealthy, sugary foods. This is probably one of the safest diets as it involves plenty of grazing!

4. Juice cleanse diets

These diets are one of the most unhealthy kinds of diets, as they basically starve the body from what it needs in terms of protein. Juice cleanses usually consist of consuming juice and only juice in five servings per day for three days. This kind of diet should only be done during three days maximum, and you should always consult a professional beforehand. Despite the extremes of this diet, it's fairly popular in the UAE, and there are various cleanse companies from Essentially UAE to Detox Delight. Why are they so popular? This could be down to the quick slimming results or it could be the detox factor. Despite those appealing aspects of the juice diet, it's not a safe choice for use on a regular basis.

5. The raw food diet 

Another diet that appears rather extreme, especially if you're used to hot food. This diet is explained in the title, so raw foods only! While fish, meat, dairy and eggs are excluded, this doesn't necessarily mean living off salads. Fruit and vegetables can be blended to make soup or smoothies, and raw fruit desserts can be delicious. Surprisingly, this is one of the most popular diets in the UAE, with meetup groupsvegan enthusiasts, and of course, the Organic Foods & Cafe in Dubai. Often, people who have tried the raw food diet will make permanent changes to their food consumption and increase their amount of fruit and veg intake.
Remember to always consult a professional nutritionist or dietician before starting any diet that is drastically different to your normal eating habits. If you choose to go on a safe diet, such as the lunch box diet or Weight Watchers, then consider finding a dieting partner or support group, so you can monitor each others habits. This ensures everyone stays on track, but also diets safely.
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