Dubai's most popular health products
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Dubai's most popular health products

2012 was another record year for sales of health products in Dubai. UMI takes a look at the most popular products available for men and women.

Dubai's most popular health products

Despite a government crackdown on questionable websites selling imported natural health products containing banned substances, online and retail sales of health products in Dubai continue to grow each year. Vendors in Dubai are acutely aware of the popularity of natural health products among the city’s large expat community, and in recent years many local citizens have been keen to try out a wide range of products themselves. Here we detail the health products that are among the most popular in Dubai.

Weight loss products

Available for both men and women, weight loss products continue to be the biggest selling health products not just in Dubai, but around the world. There are a wide selection of weight loss products to choose from, including 30 and 60 day medication programs, fat reduction teas and natural herbal drinks and remedies that boost metabolism.

The ShapeWorks Ultimate 30 Day Program from Herbalife is one of Dubai’s most popular weight loss health products. This program consists of nine separate parts including tablets, drinks, snacks and protein shakes that provide metabolism boosters, healthy snack alternatives, aminogen and cellular nutrition. The program is designed for use to supplement a healthy diet and regular exercise, and tablets should be taken two or three times each day. This 30 Day Program is reputed to be very effective, although interested parties should note that it is quite expensive and requires 30 days of strict dietary control for best results.

Vitamin and stamina supplements

Arguably more popular among men than women, vitamin and stamina supplements rank highly among Dubai’s most popular health products. Widely available at many health stores throughout the city, these supplements are generally available in tablet form for daily consumption. Tablets are usually taken after a meal such as breakfast, and are designed help to increase the individual’s daily intake of vitamins and minerals.

Switching focus to vitamin supplements, Centrum’s multi-iron and vitamin tablets continue to be the among the bestsellers in Dubai, and these tablets are on sale in boxes of 60 or 120 tablets. Other leading sellers include vitamin C, zinc, calcium and general multi-vitamin supplements. Rather surprisingly, stamina supplements are also gaining in popularity and Herbalife’s Male Factor 1000 is among its best selling online products. Male Factor 1000 is available in a 60 capsule box with one tablet to be consumed per day. These tablets contain a blend of oats, herbs, ginseng, vitamin C and calcium to improve stamina, promote vitality and support muscle strength.

Herbal teas

Quickly catching up with coffee and English-style tea as the refreshing beverage of choice in Dubai, herbal teas are becoming increasingly popular with both expats and locals. The sheer choice of herbal teas in Dubai is staggering, and this improvement in choice is partly due to a number of supermarkets now showcasing a decent selection of herbal teas.

The great thing about herbal teas is their variety - there seems to be an herbal tea available for just about every predicament one can think of. In one online store, there are teas that claim to help weight loss, prevent hair loss, support detoxification, reduce stress and promote good sleep patterns. Three of the more popular herbal teas in Dubai just now are: Laci Le Beau Super Dieter’s Tea - a slimming aid; Pureitea herbal tea - detoxification; and Flowering Tea - an antioxidant. All three are relatively inexpensive and available for purchase in most health stores and some supermarkets.

Skin care

Dubai’s hot and humid climate ensures that skin care products will always rank highly among the most popular health products. Skin care takes many different forms, from sun block and UV prevention creams to moisturising and so-called ‘age-defying’ lotions. Although traditionally more popular with women than men, Dubai’s weather makes investing in good skin care products a must.

Herbalife have an extensive range of skincare items that includes some 21 different products. Among Herbalife’s most popular products purchased online are NouriFusion Multivitamin Eye Gel. This gel is applied to the skin around the eyes to reduce puffiness to leave them fresh and revitalized. Aloe Hand and Body Cream is another popular online purchase and this cream claims to moisturize, soften and clean the skin. Herbalife’s Skin Activator Colletage Cream works to restore skin hydration and thickness in the face, neck, chest and other areas affected by ageing and sun exposure.

While online shopping in Dubai has many benefits, it should not be assumed that every item or product available online is legitimate. Reports of online stores selling banned and other illegal substances has resulted in a crackdown by the Ministry of Health on the sale of certain health products. Purchasing such items, even unwittingly, can result in an unwelcome visit from the local police. Our advice for purchasing health products online is simple - only use fully licensed and registered shops and vendors. This crucial information should be easy to find on the shops website or elsewhere online. 


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