Contemporary Dance in Dubai: How Dance Can Make You Healthy
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Contemporary Dance in Dubai: How Dance Can Make You Healthy

In light of the upcoming Contemporary Dance Dubai event, UMI takes a look at the various types of dance available and how they can improve your health.

Contemporary dancers

Be it spiritual, expressive or interpretive, dance has been an integral part of human culture since before the conception of the earliest civilizations. The term ‘dance’ takes on a profusion of associations, having been a part of ceremony, ritual, celebration, romance and competition across cultural boundaries for many millennia. One thing that can be said for sure is that dance has come a long way, and through manifold transformations, to become what is now known as ‘contemporary dance.’ Differing from competitive styles of dance, contemporary dance is all about expressing what’s personal to you - it involves and encourages experimentation, creativity and the blending of techniques and ideas from old and new styles of dance. Contemporary dance requires fitness, strength, discipline and dedication, and can be a fantastic means of getting - and remaining - fit and healthy.

On Friday the 3rd of May 2013, DUCTAC at the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai will open its doors for a spectacular contemporary dance event in the heart of the UAE. Open to the general public, the event costs AED 120, and will be showing at 3pm and 8pm. Contemporary Dance Dubai (CDD), a dance school founded in 2010 in the UAE, combine performances from professional and student dancers alike to create a unique, vibrant contemporary dance experience. CDD’s unique, one-off showcase of talent this Friday will doubtlessly entertain contemporary dance connoisseurs and newcomers alike with a fresh and diverse array of techniques, sounds and approaches. Importantly, Contemporary Dance Dubai don’t simply perform to their audiences - they’ll actually engage with you, encouraging interaction and inspiring people to get active and get involved with the visual arts.

CDD’s showcase at DUCTAC this Friday could be the trigger to kick-starting your health and fitness boost in the coming months. Dance is good for improving circulation, decreasing blood pressure and reducing your risk of coronary heart disease. It’s no secret that dance is good for you - all forms of dance are, fundamentally, about moving your body, and this, simply, is a great way to burn calories. The extent to which your dancing session becomes a workout  depends upon how vigorously you choose to dance; with an hour’s dancing, be it on a stage, in a gym studio or at a nightclub, you can burn up to 400 calories if you really exert yourself and push your limits. Because of the vast array of options with dance, it’s worth trying and testing different styles to find the type of dance that’s exactly right for you. If you’re dancing primarily to improve your health and fitness, you might want to research which styles are best for the sort of workout you want to have; belly dancing, for instance,  is great for toning your legs, waist and hips, and as a low-impact form of exercise it’s great for those with sore joints, regardless of age or physique. Jazz dancing, alternatively, is tougher on the joints as it requires a lot of jumping or floorwork, but is an excellent and rigorous cardio workout.

All kinds of dance can be great for improving your mind as well as your body. Contemporary dance, in particular, requires you to perform multiple and simultaneous actions, and as a result can improve your coordination over time as you gain greater control over your body. Moreover, learning a new style of dance can improve your memory, as you’ll have to keep a complex routine in your head throughout. All types of exercise, dance included, can do wonders for your mental health because exercising stimulates the release of endorphins in your body - these so-called feel-good chemicals have been shown to keep you in high spirits and reduce the likelihood of depression. Regularly attending a dance class at a gym or studio - whether it be contemporary dance, Zumba, Bollywood-style or interpretive dance - can be a fantastic way to meet new people and to boost your confidence. Mastering a complex new routine can be tricky, but the payoff in satisfaction you get when you at last succeed can give you a real sense of achievement, and encourage you to keep coming back consistently. Dance is a social activity, and dancing with friends can be a great way of learning to do the things you find difficult by imitation, and in turn helping others to achieve their full potential.

Whether you currently dance professionally, for exercise or just for fun - or don’t dance at all, but want to appreciate this spectacular display of the visual arts - Contemporary Dance Dubai’s performance this weekend is one you certainly won’t want to miss. At their dance school, Contemporary Dance Dubai cater to dancers of all ages and abilities, and work to guide and motivate their recruits through difficult workouts and routines to improve performances consistently, and in a way that will last. Contemporary dance is not just a quick weight-loss fad but rather a demanding and difficult discipline that takes time to master. When approached with commitment, dance can be a great way to get your heart pumping, and improve muscular strength, circulation and balance. Moreover, unlike a dull, gruelling gym regime, dance can be an innovative means of burning calories in a way that’s so enjoyable that you’re often not aware of the pain, and will consistently come back for more.


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