The Ultimate Guide to Pampering in Abu Dhabi
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The Ultimate Guide to Pampering in Abu Dhabi

The hottest spa treatments available in the city.

The Ultimate Guide to Pampering in Abu Dhabi

We all need a little pampering now and again. Don’t be shy about it. Because of its thriving hotel industry, Abu Dhabi has much to offer in the way of pampering and spas. Only the finest products are used, only the best therapists are employed, only the most effective, cutting edge methods are offered.

Beef up your wallet before you take a day at the spa in Abu Dhabi. It doesn’t come cheap. But these treatments are so high end, there aren’t many consumers who regret them!

Got a day off and a few hundred dollars to spend? Try one of these incredible spa treatments being offered in the city.

Get a Caviar Facial at Atarmia Spa, Park Hyatt

Relax. No one’s going to rub raw fish eggs on your face. The treatment merely uses high quality products which contain caviar. The process starts with a caviar cleansing cream, followed by a caviar rose mist.

Next, the dead skin is removed with a refreshing enzyme peel while your nails are treated to an oil and satin lotion. An AcuLift massage technique is applied to the face to give a sort of natural face lift using a firming extract. This process is followed by two rejuvenating masques.

While your skin marinates in spirulina and Bio Matrix masques, your face will be massaged by two globular light bulbs filled with blue water. Expect to leaving looking prettier than Angelina Jolie.

Take a Vichy Shower at the Anantara Spa

The Anantara Spa is located in the ultra posh, ultra exclusive Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa.  

Choose between a white coconut or green tea scrub, which is used to detoxify the body. Afterward, laying on a cushioned treatment table, a metal rod with six shower heads pulses hot and cold water all over the body.  

A therapist will adjust the temperature and placement of the rod so that you get just the right water massage from about 30 cm above your body. When it’s over you’ll get rubbed down with green tea lotion to ensure your skin stays fresh and inviting.

Treat Yourself to a Royal Etihad Hammam at Talise Spa

This traditional treatment uses natural honey and royal jelly for the ultimate in skin hydration. Experts scrub your body from head to toe with eucalyptus black soap, then stick you in a steam room with a cold towel for 15 minutes while the soap works its magic.

Next, the soap is rinsed off and dead skin is exfoliated before the honey and royal jelly masque is applied to the entire body, after which you’re sent back to the steam room for another heavenly 15 minutes.    

As if you didn’t already feel like a princess, next your hair will be washed with organic argan oil shampoo and conditioner. Finally, the princess is moved to a massage table to be toweled dry and slathered in delicious rose cream.

Hint: Keep some strawberries and champagne on hand for afterward. You never know what could happen when you’re feeling that good.

Hot Stone Therapy Massage at Iridium Spa, St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort

This ancient Indian healing massage follows a foot-cleansing ritual where intention is set for the treatment and the body is given a thorough massage with aromatherapy oils. Large hot stones are placed on the small of the back, naturally heated and extremely smooth.  

The heat of the stones keeps the body toasty hot, warming and relaxing the muscles, allowing the therapist to apply deeper pressure. This technique improves circulation and calms the nervous system. A great choice for anyone with a stressful job.

Breathe in the Oxygen Bar at Talise Spa

The perfect place to relax and recharge the ol’ batteries. Breathe in the oxygen and read a delicious gossip rag or listen to relaxing music while your body is massaged by a high-tech Italian shiatsu chair.

Oxygen treatments are purported to increase mental clarity and cleanse the system. Also, it’s a natural antibiotic, known to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Take a Moroccan Bath at Summar Spa

This treatment starts with a 10 minute steam before the bather arrives with an assortment of luxurious goodies in the form of lotions and potions.  

After being rinsed and slathered in olive soap, a therapist rubs you down with an exfoliating mitt until not a flake of dry skin is left.  (Be prepared - the whole body will be scrubbed, but no need to fret since the staff are polite and professional.) It’s shocking how much grime we carry around on our skin. By the time your rinsed off and repolished, you’ll feel like a new woman!

Be sure to follow up any of these expensive treatments with something relaxing and free. Take a leisurely walk, cook a nice meal or write a long letter to a friend. Better still, write a love letter. Your body and mind will be delightfully open and calm - who’s to say what might come out?

Pampering need not be expensive. Meditate a while, read a good book or watch an old movie. It might just do the trick. Save your money for another day. 


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