The Highest Skyline in the World
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The Highest Skyline in the World

The UAE is home to some of the most impressive architecture in the world.

The Highest Skyline in the World

There has been a boom in innovative buildings and architecture in the United Arab Emirates in recent years, especially in Dubai. And it hasn’t just involved local designers, architects, and innovators. International players, including some of the best architecture firms in Chicago and New York City, are getting involved and proving just how important and cutting-edge the UAE architecture scene has really become. Prominent figures in cities like Dubai have strategically moved in the direction of building notable and buzzworthy buildings that are there to attract tourism and cultural visitors, making the city and country known for more than just oil. This has lead to an influx of impressive skyscrapers in the country, primarily concentrated in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Meydan Racecourse in Dubai

From an aerial viewpoint, the racecourse looks more like a giant, colorful parrot with its wings spread wide than a horse racing arena. But looking closer, the home of the Dubai World Cup’s many modern features come into view. At night, the hotel and racetrack are lit in bright colors to accentuate their futuristic, modern architecture. This sprawling, US$1 billion complex was built for more than just racing. Its 10-story luxury hotel, complete with a pool, ballroom, and five restaurants, is used for conferences during the long and too hot months when races are not taking place. And the racecourse is not expected to be alone for long. A retail center with a horse’s head shape cut out of the center (you heard correctly!) is in the planning stages, as are a museum and a gallery.   

Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai

This five-star hotel (mysteriously and commonly called the world’s only seven-star hotel, though the hotel management company claims they never spoke those words) is very unique in its architectural design. It is the world’s fourth tallest hotel at 1,053 feet (321 meters) and it is built to resemble the shape of a ship’s sail. The building was designed by architect Tom Wright to stand as an iconic symbol to represent Dubai. The unique shape is definitely memorable, as is the fact that it sits on a manmade island reclaimed from the water. If one has a spare US$18,776, check into the hotel’s Royal Suite for one night, listed as number 12 of the 15 most expensive hotel suites by CNN.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

Not all amazing architectural structures are towering symbols of modernity. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi is one of the most notable places of worship in the country. Over 40,000 worshippers can gather under its 82 bright white domes. More than just a place to worship, the mosque also has a library with classic and rare materials and a center of learning and discovery that offers educational activities and visitor programs. The design and architecture were thoughtfully planned to incorporate materials from countries around the world, in a display of unity. The Mosque has set some records of its own too, such as containing the world’s third largest chandelier, very rare marble and pearl columns, what is considered the world’s largest marble mosaic, and the world’s largest carpet.

Almas Tower in Dubai

The tallest all-office building in the world (the United Arab Emirates certainly holds its fair share of world records!), the Almas Tower is an impressive structure. Modern, silver in color, glass, rounded, and sleek, it’s no wonder the Almas Tower is also referred to as the Diamond Tower. In another brush of modernity, the tower also sits on a manmade island, a popular way of creating more land in Dubai. The Almas Tower is another building that contributes to the city of Dubai having the highest skyline in the world.

Burj Khalifa in Dubai

Saving the best for last, no discussion of impressive architecture in Dubai, the UAE, or, indeed, the world would be complete without mentioning the Burj Khalifa. The Burj Khalifa (or the Khalifa Tower in English) is the tallest building and manmade structure in the world. Its 163 floors stretch 2,722 feet (or 829.8 meters) into the Dubai air. In addition to being the tallest building in the world, the tower has also set numerous other world records, including being the building with the most floors, the highest elevator, the highest nightclub, the highest restaurant, and the highest New Year’s Eve fireworks display.

No strangers to extremely tall buildings, the same architecture firm that designed the Sears Tower (now called the Willis Tower and formerly the tallest building in the world at the time it was built) in Chicago and the new One World Trade Center in New York City is responsible for designing the Burj Khalifa. Its design is based on Tower Palace Three in Seoul. The structure’s many floors are used for a number of different purposes. Residential spaces, communication and broadcast space, hotel suites, a restaurant, corporate suites and floors for mechanical operations are all housed in the Burj Khalifa’s 163 floors.

Whether houses of worship or the world’s tallest and cutting edge building, the architecture of the United Arab Emirates has absolutely succeeded in making a name for itself. Dubai and the United Arab Emirates are certainly places to watch, both now and in the future. At this rate, Dubai is a shoo-in to keep the highest skyline in the world for years to come.  


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