The Tastiest, Freshest, Fruitiest Drinks This Summer
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The Tastiest, Freshest, Fruitiest Drinks This Summer

Cool off with our top picks of the best refreshing drinks this summer!

The Tastiest, Freshest, Fruitiest Drinks This Summer

Whilst it’s certainly important to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated in the sometimes aggressive summer heat of Dubai, we also concede that H2O alone can be a little boring as a choice of beverage. Here, UMI offer the tastiest drinks of the summer - both alcoholic and non-alcoholic - to excite the palate, entertain the senses and keep you refreshed even when it’s roasting outside.

Watermelon Margarita

Watermelon is a great fruit to eat in the summer. With a high water content and a distinctive taste that perfectly treads the line between sweet and sickly, watermelon is a popular choice amongst those wanting to hydrate and enjoy a healthy, tasty snack at the same time. Watermelon margaritas borrow all that’s great about watermelon and blend it the zingy sharpness of tequila to create a fresh fruit cocktail with a twist. These delicious drinks can be conjured up within minutes of the sun coming out; just throw three cups of watermelon, two cups of ice and a couple of shots of tequila and Cointreau into a blender. When the mixture reaches desired consistency simply pour over ice into salt-rimmed glasses. Watermelon margaritas are ultimately a tasty, reasonably guilt-free treat, as these innovative concoctions are sweet and packed with flavour with no added sugar.

Lemon and Raspberry Iced Tea

Some people swear by a cup of tea on a hot day, but it’s no secret that iced tea is even better. Refreshing and fruitily perfumed, iced tea can be a fantastic way to hydrate, cool down and relax in the sun, and is a sophisticated option for those who are staying away from alcohol but unenthused by offerings of flat coke or sparkling water. If you’re having a garden party, a fruit iced tea can be made several days ahead and stored in pitchers in the fridge, giving you less to stress about on the day. Lemon and raspberry iced tea is just one of countless fruity iced tea options, but it’s deliciously sweet and satisfying on a hot summer’s day. To create this tasty version, simply boil 16 cups of water in a large pot, and then turn off the heat and add ten teabags of you choice. Remove the teabags after three minutes, and then add a bag of frozen raspberries and a quarter of a cup’s worth of lemon juice. Let the pot stand for five minutes or so, stirring occasionally, and then when the raspberries have thawed you can transfer your tea into a large pitcher, discarding the raspberries as you go. When it comes to serving up, simply pour your tea over ice, and it’s ready to drink!

Virgin Mojito

The Virgin Mojito is a classy twist on a classic cocktail. Comprised largely of lemonade and lashings of mint, these no-jitos are an excellent means of beating the heat and enjoying a drink in the sun with no added hangover. To create this particular concoction, fill a glass half full of crushed ice, and then add a generous handful of mint leaves on top. Then, add three ounces of fresh lime juice and a dash of sugar syrup before gently mashing the leaves and liquid together with a pestle to help the minty flavour infuse your cocktail. Lastly, top up your glass with soda water and enjoy. The Virgin Mojito is a simple, healthy option for those who aren’t prepared to forego taste when opting for non-alcoholic refreshment. This cocktail’s sharp flavour is distinctive without being too fizzy or sickly, and can be whipped up quickly and easily, decanted into a pitcher and brought with you to the pool.

Tropical Cooler

On baking hot summer days, a cold, refreshing beverage seems to be the only solution - and it doesn’t come much colder than a frozen cocktail. Of the many frozen options available, the Tropical Cooler stands out to us because it’s delicious and healthy in equal measure; this drink is made, mainly, of blended ice and fresh fruit, meaning that your afternoon treat is actually packed with water and vitamins. This cocktail couldn’t be simpler to create because its recipe essentially involves throwing a collection of ingredients into a blender and mixing them up. For two portions of Tropical Cooler, whizz together three shots of pomegranate liqueur (though many other fruit-flavoured liqueurs work just as well), two shots of Midori liqueur, a splash of coconut milk, half a cupful of pineapple juice and two cups of ice. When the mixture’s consistent, transfer it into well-chilled margarita glasses and enjoy your day in the sun.


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