6 Dubai Breakfast Joints Worth Waking Up For
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6 Dubai Breakfast Joints Worth Waking Up For

Where to get the best traditional, local, and healthy breakfasts in Dubai

6 Dubai Breakfast Joints Worth Waking Up For

Whether refueling after an all-nighter or enjoying the early-morning quiet, nothing beats a good breakfast. Besides being extremely versatile (savory! sweet! salty!) and delicious, breakfast is, as the story goes, the most important meal of the day. Breakfast literally breaks the fast your body’s been on since dinner the night before, and provides energy to start the day. People that eat healthy breakfasts have also been shown to weigh less, to have better concentration, and to eat less throughout the day. And the people that have success losing weight and keeping it off tend to be breakfast eaters.

A healthy breakfast made up of ingredients like lean protein, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy is the best choice, but healthiest is not always the most fun for a special brunch out. Dubai has a cultural melting pot of breakfast options, so next time you’re craving a twist on a morning meal, look no further than our suggestions for the best. Just don’t forget to set your alarm!

1. Barasti

Bring your appetite to this breakfast joint – you’ll need it. The signature breakfast offering, simply known as the “Barasti Big Breakfast,” has it all – steak, potatoes, eggs, tomatoes, beans and egg-covered toast. Classic full English breakfasts, dolled-up pancake stacks, and healthier options like fruit, yogurt and vegetarian meals are available too. Barasti also has a bar stocked with classic and newly invented breakfast drinks, and it’s located in a relaxed beach setting that will help ease even the biggest morning-hater into their day. And if the big breakfast does you in, beachside loungers are just a few steps away, perfect for a lazy day in the sun.

2. Whittard of Chelsea

This cute breakfast café is a little slice of England in Dubai. Located in the Ibn Battuta Mall, it’s a good stop pre- or post-shopping trip and a great place to people-watch. The cozy café has comfortable sofas and pretty china teapots that make for a very quaint setting. As for the food, get ready for eggs, hash browns, toast, pastries and fresh tea and coffee, all for an affordable price, especially considering the size of the breakfast and the pleasant setting.

3. The Archive

This unique restaurant, located in Safa Park, combines a restaurant with a library and an artistic space. One of the biggest appeals for diners is the indoor or outdoor seating options, the outdoor areas featuring a sunny and relaxed park setting, a jazzy soundtrack, and even yoga, if you’re interested. The breakfast menu is served all day, contributing to the easygoing feel, and food choices tend toward lighter, healthier meals while still being affordable. Browse the library’s shelves while waiting for breakfast to come, as the restaurant isn’t necessarily known for its speed. The Archive also has artistic and cultural events and all kinds of workshops that it hosts in the park.   

4. Klayya Bakery and Sweets

For a traditional Emirati breakfast, try the Klayya Bakery and Sweets. This breakfast joint serves morning fare all day and is perfect for late-risers and those seeking a breakfast with local flavor. The date omelette, which is made up of baked eggs on top of a bed of caramelized dates, is a favorite.  Plus, all breakfasts come with karak chai (traditional tea with milk and spices) and freshly baked bread, so it’s filling and a bargain at the same time. This café is traditional, local and full of flavor, despite its small size. It’s a great spot for tourists and expats to get some real Dubai culture or for locals to get the comforts of home in the big city.

5. Zaroob

Another breakfast joint with a local focus, Zaroob offers Levant street food in a trendy loft style setting. The walls are covered with high wooden shelves and stacked with decorative multi-colored jars and goods. Try the specialty, an Egyptian dish called fateer meshaltet. It’s a hot, doughy bread stuffed with egg and cheese that adds up to a comforting and filling snack or meal. They have indoor and outdoor seating, but with a showy, pancake-flipping display happening inside, the choice of where to sit is tough. The restaurant is open 24 hours a day so there’s no excuse not to try out Zaroob, especially with its unique interior, yummy fresh bread, and interesting juice mixes, with ingredients like almonds, avocados, strawberries, guavas, mangos, kiwis and pistachios.  

6. The Farm

Just because it’s breakfast doesn’t mean there isn’t something for the sweet tooth in the crowd. At The Farm, tasty breakfast options abound, and as a bonus there are a number of gluten-free choices like croissants, waffles and pancakes. Plus, the side dishes are varied and interesting enough to shake up the breakfast menu.  But one of the biggest appeals of The Farm is its setting. Set amongst greens, flowers and birds, The Farm is actually said to be a few degrees cooler than the rest of Dubai because of all that greenery. There are even beanbags and hammocks among the decks and plants, making The Farm a perfect oasis in the city.  Considering the atmosphere, one might correctly presume that the restaurant has a focus on sustainability and green living. The menu is meant to reflect this belief as well, using ethically traded and grown foods.

Breakfasters in Dubai are a lucky bunch. Greasy eggs in the tradition of England and America, traditional Middle Eastern favorites, and healthy, organic breakfasts catering to many diets and dietary needs are all readily available. So, next weekend, stay out late and roll into an all-day breakfast diner or set the alarm to beat the crowds and enjoy a coffee at a peaceful café with the early birds. Either way, breakfast in Dubai is a treasure waiting to be discovered…and eaten!


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