Chill Out This Summer With Your Very Own Ice Pops!
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Chill Out This Summer With Your Very Own Ice Pops!

Healthy and easy ice pop recipes for every taste

Chill Out This Summer With Your Very Own Ice Pops!

Call them ice lollys, call them popsicles, call them ice pops – however you call them, these frosty desserts are a fun treat that’s both healthy and delicious, depending on your recipe. They’re are easy to make, even for kids, and ice pops are a perfect way to cool down in the sweltering summer heat. Making your own is a great way to save money and to control how much sugar, dye and other unfavorable ingredients go into your family’s stomachs.

It doesn’t take much to get started: all you need are an ice pop mold (though a plastic cup can serve the same purpose in a pinch) and a stick to freeze into the pop. The recipes range from classic to bizarre, but there’s something for every taste and the possibilities are endless. Try some of these idea to cool the whole family with a treat that doesn’t throw your diet off course.

Vegan Black Bean Fudge Pops

Healthy might be an understatement for this fiber-filled, vegan, soy-free, gluten-free, oil-free take on the fudgesicle. These black bean fudge pops (recipe here) are purported to taste like the real thing and the recipe (only five ingredients!) is easy enough for anyone to try. Pop cooked black beans, coconut milk, cocoa powder, agave nectar, and vanilla extract into a food processor, then the freezer, and ta-da! Overnight, super healthy fudgesicle substitutes that won’t break the bank or your diet and might even trick the kids into eating their fiber.

Greek Yogurt Fruit Pops

Jump on the Greek yogurt trend with a twist by enjoying it in its frozen form. This type of ice pop is great because of all the variations. The basic recipe is Greek yogurt (this type of yogurt is thicker and creamier than regular yogurt, though either would work), milk, and add-ins like fruit. Here is a recipe for strawberry shortcake popsicles that uses strawberries and shortcake in addition to the yogurt. Experiment with different yogurt flavors for inspiration, or start with a blank slate by using a plain yogurt. Bananas and cocoa, strawberry and granola, honey and cinnamon…the healthy possibilities are endless! Fruit juice can sweeten and flavor the mix too.  Plus, these pops are more than just tasty – fruit and yogurt pack a fiber and protein punch that will satisfy hunger and add nutrients to the diet.

Frozen Fruit Pops

These classic ice pops are great because they have a million variations, are super healthy, and are a great way to get the family to eat their fruit. Made of diced fruit and juice, you can use a sugar-free variety to guarantee a healthy pop. Kids will have a great time mixing and matching different fruits and flavors, and the pops can easily be thrown into a cup to freeze overnight.  Adults will enjoy trying different combinations of seasonable fruits and mixing in exotic new ones too. Try adding in a bit of honey to sweeten the pop or lemon or lime juice to give it some tang.  These fruit pops are easy enough to make without a recipe but here is one to get you started.

Pickle Pops

Believe it or not, this savory ice pop does exist. But why pickle juice? Some athletes refuel with the stuff after a tough workout because it is full of electrolytes, like a sports drink, but without all the sugar. If you’re a pickle fan, why not give this unique popsicle a try?  The recipe is located here. With only pickles, pickle juice and water, it’s another easy recipe that anyone can try. Blend the pickles or process them in a food processor, add the other ingredients, and freeze overnight. These cool treats are perfect for summer barbeques and for those who don’t have much of a sweet tooth.

Thai Iced Coffee

This ice pop is a unique pick-me-up for an afternoon treat or caffeine on the go. These pops only have 70 calories apiece so there’s nothing guilty about this pleasure. The recipe is pretty simple too. Boil water and dissolve sugar in it, then add almond extract. In the meantime, brew a cup of coffee with cardamom and cinnamon mixed into the grounds. Mix the coffee into the sugar and water mix, add a bit of half-and-half, and freeze. A little bit of work on the weekend will yield a week’s worth of caffeinated morning treats in no time. See the full recipe here.

Strawberry Balsamic Basil

This pop is a different spin on the fruit popsicle. With balsamic vinegar and basil, the ice pop gets lots of flavor without adding the calories. Strawberries pack the pop with vitamin C, making this treat tasty and healthy too. Toss the ingredients together and let the mixture marinate for an hour. Blend the ingredients together, mix in added strawberry slices, and freeze. Check out the recipe here.

These recipes should just be used as a starting point, because the real fun is in experimenting and inventing your own flavors. Starting with just a combination of a few simple ingredients, like yogurt, fruit, juice and herbs, you can add in your own unique flavors and create hundreds of different ice pops. Without too much added sugar and by using low-fat ingredients, these pops remain a cool, healthy, easy-to-make treat the whole family will love.


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