Fitness 101: Our Guide to the Best Boot Camps in Dubai
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Fitness 101: Our Guide to the Best Boot Camps in Dubai

With the summer heat still in full swing, there’s no better time to feel fit, shape up and get your best beach body ever. Click through to explore some of the best boot camps to trim fat or simply stay in shape in Dubai.

Fitness 101: Our Guide to the Best Boot Camps in Dubai

New fitness fads and classes can arise overnight, and every week there appears to be a new trendy workout that captivates the masses. But, as with most things, sticking to the basics is often the a good bet, and when it comes to getting in shape, boot camps are still one of the best ways to get fit.

Whilst originally referring to recruit training in the armed forces, boot camps have been adapted for civilian use and provide a gruelling all-over workout designed to stretch your body to the limit  and achieve rapid weight loss and fitness goals. Through constant exercise over an hour, your body has no time to slow down and rest which means you burn hundreds of calories, even once you’ve stopped.

Most boot camps require little to no specialized equipment, instead relying on high energy cardio, weights and resistance training. Through encouragement from the instructor, everyone is pushed to their physical limits, and working out with a group of other boot campers fosters a sense of unity and provides encouragement to push beyond your own exhaustion for the benefit of the group. Best of all, every class is different and you’re constantly changing exercises, leaving no time for monotony or boredom to kick in - and boredom is one of the biggest impediments to a successful fitness regime.

Dubai has a host of great boot camps to get yourself trim, taut and in shape for summer. In no particular order, we take a peek at five of the best.

Dubai Desert Camp

Jumeirah and Ras Al Khaimah

Designed and run by women, exclusively for women, the Dubai Desert Camp is a unique experience that goes beyond simply sweating it up twice a week at a standard boot camp. A completely immersive experience, guests stay at the dedicated facility for extended periods from one week to up to three months for an intensive exercise and nutritional program unmatched anywhere else in the UAE.

Bad habits are not formed overnight and it can often be difficult to change long established patterns of overeating, poor nutrition or not getting sufficient exercise, so a live-in camp can be a fantastic way to get serious results in a short span of time. Run by ex-military fitness instructors, the Dubai Desert Camp has been designed from the ground up to help women tone up, lose body fat and improve their general fitness through a rigorous exercise program. At the same time, nutritionists and chefs provide a balanced diet and help improve awareness about healthy eating.

Certainly not for the faint hearted, the Dubai Desert Camp is a serious commitment, but for those that aren’t afraid of a little hard work and that are interested in getting some serious results, the Dubai Desert Camp is the ultimate workout.  It has been estimated that the results in one week can be as effective as using a personal trainer three times a week for six to eight weeks!

Original Fitness Co

C6 Tower Al Bateen, Bainunah St, P.O. Box 61309, Abu Dhabi, UAE

 With an established presence in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Original Fitness Co.’s boot camp is the UAE’s original boot camp, whipping people into shape since 2009. With a mixture of traditional military and alternative fitness style workouts including weights, push ups, sit ups and squats as well as fun group activities and challenges, each boot camp session includes a host of activities guaranteed to get you in shape in no time.

Programs consist of three hour-long sessions per week across four weeks with a view to improving cardiovascular fitness and weight loss, but most importantly it’s all done outdoors, allowing boot campers to get some fresh air whilst they get themselves trim and taut.

Tribal Boot Camp

TribeFit Silverene Tower, Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE

The traditional notion of sweating it out in a gym, music blaring whilst you complete your solitary workout has been turned on its head thanks to TribeFit. Beyond just featuring world class gym facilities, TribeFit has a healthy eating cafe and a chill out lounge, and hosts a number of social activities including parties, movie nights, camping trips and other activities to make getting fit a social activity.

Having recently opened in February 2013, the gym features 22,000 feet of workout space and offers a gruelling boot camp program that will challenge members to reach new fitness goals in a safe and fun workout environment in JBR beach and the Dubai Marina Lake.

B2B Fitness

Umm Suqeim, Safa Park, Ranches, Dubai, UAE

With over 20 years experience in the fitness industry, the trainers at B2B are focussed on getting maximum results for their members through personal training classes, boot camps and expert nutritional advice.

With sessions every day of the week (with the exception of Fridays), B2B offers a range of classes split between four dedicated training styles. Cardio is a high intensity workout combining compound exercise, running drills, plyometrics and boxing drills; Circuit Training is focussed on resistance exercises utilizing kettlebells, sandbags and medicine balls; Cross X is a marriage of both the Cardio and Circuit Training; while Box X is a fast paced boxing session mixed with bodyweight exercises to help clients shed weight and increase calorie burn.

Classes are available for both mixed groups and women’s only groups and the sessions change from class to class, meaning that boot campers won’t get bored with their exercises and can continue to achieve their fitness goals.

Ultimate Fitness Services

Suite No. M-18 Al Dana Center, Al Maktoum Street, Dubai, UAE

Ultimate Fitness Services is a high impact gym primarily focussing on martial arts, personal training and other fitness services. The UFS Fitness boot camps are intense programs that concentrate on getting you in shape and helping you lose weight quickly and efficiently. Inspired by military recruit training, their boot camps provide an alternative to regular gym workouts and offer participants a number of short- and long-term benefits.

The team of professional trainers at Ultimate Fitness work with participants to change poor habits and achieve better health outcomes by encouraging exercise according to a strict schedule and assisting with maintaining a healthy diet.


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