Top 5 Workout Classes for Men in the UAE
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Top 5 Workout Classes for Men in the UAE

Whether you’re after six pack abs, explosive speed, a better time in your next marathon or simply wish to lose a few extra kilograms, there is sure to be an ideal fitness class for you. No matter what your health and fitness goals are, these gruelling classes will get you challenged and ready to take on the world.

Top 5 Workout Classes for Men in the UAE



Le Méridien Abu Dhabi

Eden Studio, Tourist Club Area, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Incorporating elements of dance, music and acrobatics, Capoeira is a Brazilian martial arts form developed in the 16th century. Originally created by African slaves brought by the Portuguese to work in sugarcane plantations, the self defence form was disguised as a dance in order to avoid punishment or even execution.

These days Capoeira is taught across the world and is a fun and exciting way to get and stay fit. Typified by a series of quick and complex moves that rely on power, speed and leverage, Capoeira is a dynamic exercise system and an excellent way to build core strength and muscularity, and increase flexibility. Beyond the physical workout, as with many forms of martial arts, there is also an emphasis on the mental aspect of Capoeira. Participants are able to progress through a series of colour coded belts until they reach the illustrious black belt, adding additional motivation to improve.

Classes are held at Le Méridien Abu Dhabi on Sundays and Tuesdays and cost Dhs 50 per class or Dhs 450 per pack of 10 classes.

Boot Camp

Original Fitness Company

C6 Tower Al Bateen, Bainunah St, P.O. Box 61309, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Office 508 The Fairmont Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, P.O.Box 126469, Dubai, UAE

If you struggle with motivation, boot camps are an outstanding way to reshape your entire body. Rain, hail or shine, participants spend an hour engaged in some form of cardiovascular exercise interspaced with strength elements that utilize dumbbells, exercise bands or body resistance.

Through the encouragement of a trainer, each boot camper is pushed to their physical limits for an exhausting but rewarding workout. The group nature of the classes fosters a camaraderie and encourages individuals to push themselves further than they would under normal circumstances. The gruelling workouts help build a bond amongst boot campers, and provide a valuable social outlet for people who work hard and may struggle to find time to meet others.

With classes and facilities in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Original Fitness Co was the first company to introduce the boot camp system to the UAE. With a commitment to making sure people of all fitness levels are catered to, they offer a range of programmes for each individual and their needs. Packages can be purchased in eight (Dhs 600) or 12 session passes (Dhs 900) or for three (Dhs 1700) and six month periods (Dhs 3350).


Zen Yoga


Dubai Media City, BBC Building #10, Media City, Dubai, UAE 

Emirates Hills, Springs 14m, Town Centre Shopping Mall, Dubai, UAE

Jumeirah Town Centre, Jumeirah Town Centre, Beach Road, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

Yoga has in many cases been erroneously typecast as a modern health and fitness discipline practiced only by women. Whilst it is true that much of the time classes and studios are geared towards a female demographic, increasingly men are opting to take up yoga for its unique range of benefits for both body and mind.

A number of professional athletes like tennis player Andy Murray and basketball superstars Shaquille O’Neal and LeBron James are proponents of yoga, saying that it helps better their performances on the field as well as improving muscle tone and strength. In addition, yoga can assist in a range of medical conditions including lower back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis and chronic pain. It’s a great, low impact way to improve joint flexibility, and leads to greater muscle form and core strength as well as assisting in losing weight.

Zen Yoga teaches mixed classes across its three locations in Dubai across various times. Each class runs for 90 minutes and costs Dh 75.


MMA Fitness Centre

Discovery Gardens, Shop 2,3,8,9 Zen Building 2, Discovery Gardens, Dubai, UAE

Tecom, Pacific Bldg., 2nd Level, Dubai, UAE  

If you are after a sure fire way to improve cardiovascular health, lose weight and improve coordination, one of the best workout sessions you can do is a boxing class. A truly all-over workout, boxing strengthens and works numerous muscle groups through a range of dynamic motions. Boxing is one of the most exhaustive workouts on this list and is a fantastic way to increase muscle tone and size.

MMA Fitness Centre is one of the premier martial arts and fitness gyms in all of Dubai and houses top-of-the-line training equipment and seasoned, professional trainers committed to helping everyone achieve their fitness and competition goals. For those that are interested in other martial arts disciplines, MMA Fitness Centre offers a wide range of programmes including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and of course, Mixed Martial Arts.

Classes are available in a number of different packages ranging from Off Peak memberships which allow unlimited use of facilities during off peak times (6 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.) to Silver and Gold memberships which allow access to any class and unlimited access to the facilities at any time of day.

Spin Classes

Fitness First

A range of locations across Dubai and Abu Dhabi

It’s easy to see why cycling has a universal appeal as a form of exercise. It’s one of the simplest and energy efficient ways to incorporate regular exercise into a busy lifestyle. Unfortunately, the lack of cycling infrastructure and hot climate in the UAE can make riding a bike around the streets a difficult proposition. Spinning offers all the benefits of riding a bike but in an indoor, air-conditioned environment, and has exploded in popularity across the globe. It’s no wonder that the UAE has embraced spinning; it’s one of the best gym-based cardiovascular workouts available whilst being low impact and having a low risk of injury.

Spinning caters to almost anyone’s level of fitness, so whether you’re interested in improving your lap times, building muscle or getting fit, there’s a class for everyone. A 45 minute class will typically burn an incredible 500 calories, whilst participants also build muscle tone and increase cardio endurance.

Fitness First offers spinning classes across many of its fitness centres and have a number of conveniently located facilities in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Whilst it is not possible to join for just spinning classes, the broad range of other classes and facilities offered at Fitness First make it a great way to mix up your exercises and avoid stagnation. Furthermore, members enjoy a range of benefits including discounts on retail goods, health and beauty products, and even car rental.


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