Top 5 Sports Perfect For Father & Son Bonding
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Top 5 Sports Perfect For Father & Son Bonding

When men look back at their childhood, often some of the most cherished memories are those shared between father and son. The relationships formed during this pivotal time can lay the foundations for a lifelong strong bond. We take a look at some of the best sporting activities for father and son to enjoy in order to strengthen that connection.

Top 5 Sports Perfect For Father & Son Bonding

You don’t need to read numerous studies to realize that father son activities are enriching bonding experiences for both parent and child. Playing sports together is a great way to instill your values and teach your son life lessons like the value of sportsmanship, discipline and teamwork as well as increasing coordination and improving general health and fitness.

The demands of modern life can make it difficult to find time to spend with your child, but like any relationship, building a strong father-son connection takes effort. Discovering activities that are enjoyed by both father and son is the first step to creating cherished memories that will be thought of fondly for years to come.

1. Bike Riding

You don’t need to aim to compete in the Tour de France in order to enjoy a leisurely ride with your son. The very act of learning to ride a bike is a great bonding moment between parent and child, and with encouragement and motivation most kids are able to learn how to ride quite quickly. Best of all, once taught, riding is a skill they’ll have for life. 

Whilst the metropolitan areas of Dubai and Abu Dhabi can be clogged with traffic, there are a number of options for those wishing to have a ride without worrying about cars and congested roads. In Dubai, the Al Barsha Park is a great family park with a 1,500 metre cycling track, Mushrif Park has a 4.5 kilometre cycling loop that undulates around the sand dunes, whilst thrill seekers can take to the F1 track on Tuesday evenings from 6 until 9 p.m. Cyclists in Abu Dhabi can take advantage of the purpose-built cycling infrastructure in Yas Island or may enjoy cruising through the Corniche boardwalk.

Whether you choose to ride a mountain bike, racing bike or hybrid, cycling is both a great means to get exercise and a relaxing pastime, and if your son develops a real interest, he will likely carry the hobby into adulthood. Now that’s one healthy habit you can be proud to have influenced.

2. Fishing

One of the most iconic images of paternal bonding, fishing is a perfect way for fathers and sons to spend time together. It’s no wonder that this ancient skill has been passed down from generation to generation since the beginnings of civilization.

Fishing offers the ideal respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and is a great opportunity for fathers and sons to spend a good period of one-on-one time together. There are few better activities that present such a chance to talk to each other openly and enjoy each other’s company whilst in a calm and relaxing environment. Spending time in the great outdoors and taking in nature’s beauty is just another benefit.

In a world where youngsters often teach their parents about the intricacies of new technology, fishing present the perfect way for fathers to pass on life skills to their children. There are some things that can’t be learnt through a YouTube clip, like the specifics of how to rig and cast a line, and the shared experience of catching his very first fish is a memory that won’t soon be forgotten.

3. Football

The world’s most popular sport, football is a great activity for father and son to enjoy together. The sport requires a number of different skills that can take years to master such as ball-holding, stealing and take-on skills, but a friendly game of kick to kick in the backyard, beach or park is often sufficient. Whether it’s for three minutes or three hours, just spending the time together is what’s important.

Following a common team is also a great way to increase bonding. Whether it’s heading to the stadium together or just watching your team play on television, having a common cause to rally behind and a team to passionately support together is a brilliant way to enhance father son dynamics.

Fathers with the time and interest can even take the next step in coaching their son’s junior football team. Who knows, perhaps it could be laying the foundations for the next great football dynasty?

4. Cricket

Cricket is another sport enjoyed by millions across the globe, and represents a fantastic way for fathers and sons to play together, building on skills whilst developing their personal relationship at the same time. Like football, cricket can be played in the park, on the beach or in some of Dubai’s or Abu Dhabi’s purpose built indoor cricket facilities, therefore requiring little in the way of specialized equipment.

Indoor cricket is an increasingly popular pastime, and one in which fathers and their sons can play in a team sport together (or against each other!). Suitable for both children and adults, the compact nature of an indoor cricket court means that everyone is close enough to be involved in the action and a high degree of fitness is not necessary to compete.

5. Video Games

It’s not a sport, and with the exception of active games played through consoles like the Wii, it’s barely a physical activity, but video games are a popular pastime for children across the globe. The fact is, not every child is an outdoorsy type. Encouraging them to take up a sport is important, but to continue pushing when they are resistant is ultimately a point of tension and can strain relationships.

Whilst many parents try to keep their children away from consoles as much as possible, if your son enjoys gaming, playing video games with each other can be a good way to spend some precious time together. After all, doing shared activities should be interesting and engaging for all parties involved. There is a great range of games that require collaboration and teamwork in order to complete, and the satisfaction of finishing a difficult level can be a great shared experience between father and son.

Remember that the purpose of all these activities is to enjoy yourselves and the time spent together. Overly critical commentary and pressure can detract from the overall experience, so lose the athletic aspirations and just have a good time. 


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