The Top 6 CrossFit Centres Across the UAE
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The Top 6 CrossFit Centres Across the UAE

The fitness trend sweeping the world is alive and well in the UAE. We explore some of the best places to get the ultimate workout in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The Top 6 CrossFit Centres Across the UAE

Anyone with an interest in fitness is bound to have heard of CrossFit training. The idea is simple -- use constant, varied, high intensity functional movements to train people of all fitness levels in an open and encouraging environment.

Unlike many other exercise programs, CrossFit is, by design, very broad and features extremely varied and challenging workouts combining a wide variety of functional movements - from box jumps to Olympic lifting, and gym rings to sprints - CrossFit aims to build the all-round athlete.

The strength and conditioning program is used by many police and tactical operations teams, martial artists and professional athletes across the globe, and has developed an almost fanatical following. Where once it was a fringe workout with a small but devoted following, CrossFit is growing at a faster rate than any other fitness and conditioning program on Earth. And it has not gone unnoticed. The training regime now has an international tournament - The Crossfit Games - to find the “fittest on earth.” The Games are telecast on sports network ESPN and enjoy sponsorship from Reebok.  

As the world has discovered the benefits of CrossFit training so has the UAE, and as a result a number of gyms have been established to satisfy the growing demand and dedicated fan base. We take a look at some of the best CrossFit gyms across the country and where to head to get the ultimate workout.


1. CrossFit Lifespark

Unit G10, Concorde Tower

JLT Dubai

For anyone unsure about whether CrossFit is right for them, CrossFit Lifespark offers free taster sessions on Sundays so potential new members can get an idea of what CrossFit is all about. Characterising their commitment to safety, following a taster session interested parties then complete 12 hours of essentials classes designed to teach the fundamentals of CrossFit movements, protocols and community, emphasizing safety and proper technique to avoid injury and achieve the best results. At this point members can join one of the numerous classes including those for kids, teens, women and serious athletes, as well as competitor classes -- designed for those interested in escalating their workouts to the next level and competing at a professional level.

Candice Howe, co-owner of the facility and runner-up in the 2012 Asia Regionals of the CrossFit Games, says the changing and dynamic fixture of workouts encourage members to continue to train week in, week out for years. The gym, or ‘box’ as CrossFit centres are commonly known, has an emphasis on community and encourages new members to join in the many events and social activities organized for its thriving membership base.

2. Dunes CrossFit

Corner City Building  - By Coca Cola Dubai

Nad Al Hamar, Dubai

Discovering a love for CrossFIt in San Diego in 2010, Saud Alshamsi completed his certification in CrossFit training in March 2011 and has turned his passion for this dynamic fitness system into a career. Dunes Crossfit was opened in 2012 and Alshamsi has made it his mission to transform the couch potatoes of Dubai into Spartan warriors. Classes are held five days a week and the gym is open on Saturdays for those looking to squeeze an extra workout in beyond the regular group classes.

3. CrossFit Metalize

Ras Alkhour (Alkhail Road)


For a long time CrossFit was practiced by more men than women, but this trend is rapidly changing. CrossFit is a great way to build strength and fitness without adding bulk like many traditional weight-based conditioning programs, and as a result it has seen a surge in popularity with women who want to increase their strength without looking like a bodybuilder.

At CrossFit Metalize, they believe that working out together can help some women feel more comfortable pushing their limits and improving their fitness levels. CrossFit Metalize has introduced a new ladies-only class where workouts are performed without the intimidation that can some might feel in a co-ed class. Be warned, this is no ‘toned-down’ or ‘lite’ workout. Participants are pushed to their limits as much as they would be in any other class designed to improve their fitness.

That’s not to say that Crossfit Metalize is just for the girls. Their state of the art facility has a huge array of equipment across an open plan workout space that is sure to suit the needs of any fitness enthusiast.

Abu Dhabi

4. Code M CrossFit

Danat Tower B

Al Reehan Area, Abu Dhabi

Where Dubai has seen a host of CrossFit gyms open their doors to fitness inclined individuals, Abu Dhabi had been short of options until Code M was established in February 2014. As the first of its kind in the city, the gym has rapidly built a strong following.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or new to fitness, Code M CrossFit’s strength and conditioning program is truly world class, and the centre’s dedicated coaches are committed to developing individuals, athletes and teams through constantly varied functional movements – all executed at high intensity, of course.

5. CrossFit Abu Dhabi

Al Raha Beach

Abu Dhabi

The team at Crossfit Abu Dhabi train athletes, professionals and office workers. No matter what your level of fitness is, the team will have you operating at a higher level in no time at all. There is no expectation that members enter the gym agile, fast, flexible or strong; there is only an expectation that you commit yourself for five days a week to physical development. Only clients that are willing to commit to this regime are welcome in the box and the private training facility is open by invitation only.

This is not a CrossFit facility for the faint of heart. Members will be pushed to their limits, but a sense of camaraderie is the result. The group is dedicated to pushing through their own boundaries and limitations and encouraging other members to do the same across the sessions held six days per week.

Nutrition is seen as an important component of the fitness program, and the gym’s website focusses on a range of healthy food options for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks for in between workouts for a complete health transformation.


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