The Best of Brunch, Abu Dhabi Style
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The Best of Brunch, Abu Dhabi Style

Find your perfect brunch match in our ultimate guide

The Best of Brunch, Abu Dhabi Style

Who doesn’t love brunch? It is arguably the most relaxing of all meals and definitely the most creatively named. There’s nothing that compares to a lazy Friday morning spent eating, chatting, and often imbibing the hours away with friends or family. Of course in a given brunch group, everyone has an opinion on the best dish, the best drink, and the best brunch in town. Luckily Abu Dhabi is rich with varied brunch options so you’ll never run out of venues to explore. It may not put any group arguments to rest, but here we’ll highlight some of the best of what’s around in Abu Dhabi, brunch style.

Best Brunch of Both Worlds – Café Arabia

If you’re torn between a typical American-style breakfast with eggs, bacon and the works, and a traditional, local Arabic meal, fear not because you don’t have to choose. Café Arabia offers both and does it well. The atmosphere is classy and smart while remaining artsy, casual and best of all affordable. The menu even has a pinch of Paris with fresh croissants and pastries at the buffet. You’ll find the hearty eggs and potatoes as well as traditional hummus and labneh. If breakfast foods are not your style, well, you might be reading the wrong article, but you can also plan to arrive at Café Arabia in the later part of the morning when the menu begins to incorporate a selection of lunch offerings.

Bubbly Brunch – Bubbalicious

When brunch means booze, look no further than Bubbalicious. A great brunch overall, the highlight for many is the option that includes free-flowing champagne (there are also wine, beer, liquor or non-alcoholic packages that cost less). While the drinks and eats will keep the adults busy, clowns and face painting will keep the kids entertained. Lots of stations with a wide variety of well-prepared and nicely presented international dishes are available for guests, with plenty of choices for vegetarians and meat-lovers. The view is not to be missed, so opt for the outdoor seating when weather permits. If you hate to see the party end at brunch, Bubbalicious brings a live DJ, making it the place to continue the party into the evening hours.

Family Brunch – Oléa

Not everyone has the time to turn brunch into an all-day party, but never fear: parents have many family-friendly options in Abu Dhabi. Oléa has a kids’ entertainer to help give parents a break, but it’s the relaxed atmosphere (no DJs here) and smaller crowd that make this an ideal place for a family brunch. This is another brunch with a view, and your family shouldn’t miss the vistas of the beach and pool when the weather is nice. As far as food goes, choose from the buffet or dine a la carte. There are unique options and a great seafood paella, as well as cooking stations throughout the restaurant. A champagne option is on offer,  so neither adults nor kids need to miss out on their favorite part of brunch.

Trendy Brunch – Sofra Bld

If your brunch agenda includes seeing and being seen, head to Sofra Bld and leave the sweatpants at home. The atmosphere is dressier than many, so go all out, especially if you want to impress -- the brunch is basically a party, with a live band and tons of seating. There are lots of choices for every appetite, including Indian cuisine, Arabic food, and sushi. But don’t fill up too much on your meal – save room for dessert. The three (count ‘em, three!) chocolate fountains have treats like strawberries and marshmallows to dunk into the rich goodness. But be prepared – the prices are not the cheapest in town, though you’ll get a lot of fun ambiance.

Bargain Brunch

Spending money on a weekend full of activities, whether for a family, couple or one person, can add up quickly, and brunch can often be a culprit, especially when drinks are included. There are less expensive options though, and this website has a lot of inexpensive brunch ideas to check out. Another tip: if you’re looking to save some money but still enjoy a brunch out, check out sites like Groupon before you go. If you do a little planning ahead and can get your group on board, you can save a fair amount of money and get inspired to try out a new place you may not have otherwise. Additionally, many restaurants have discounts for kids under a certain age, so make sure to ask before you get your bill.

Whether it’s an adult brunch with the champagne flowing or a relaxing family time that even kids will delight in, brunch is one activity that can be enjoyed by everybody. Don’t let the price scare you off, because there are ways to save. On the next nice and sunny Friday morning that finds you free of plans and commitments, gather your friends and family and head out on the town for a unique morning out, a craft Abu Dhabi has just about mastered.


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