Everything You Need to Know About Group Health Insurance Policies
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Everything You Need to Know About Group Health Insurance Policies

Group insurance is one of the most convenient and affordable ways to make sure that lots of similarly-committed people are safe and cared for, but group insurance is often misunderstood. Get the facts here.

Everything You Need to Know About Group Health Insurance Policies

Thanks to decades of industry and development, the UAE is a modern melting pot: filled with diverse families and places of work that reflect this unique blending of backgrounds.  With so many individuals coming from so many different places, UAE employers want a simple way to treat everyone fairly when it comes to protecting health. That is exactly what group coverage does.

What is Group Health Coverage?

While Individual and Family coverage policies are self-explanatory, Group coverage is less readily understood. In its simplest form, group coverage is a multi-party medical insurance policy designed to cover any group of three or more unrelated individuals. This can include a sports team, adventure, research, missionary or aid group, and just about any other arrangement of similarly associated people, though group insurance most commonly applies to a company and its employees.

Group coverage is important because anyone bringing a large number of people together for a common purpose needs to be able to guarantee that their members are safe and secure. However, without the option of covering everyone under a single “umbrella” of insurance protection, it could be very difficult, if not impossible, to extend individual insurance policies to everyone given the differences in age and background of each person -- not to mention it would be very expensive.

Equal Coverage for All

One of the biggest concerns for employers is making sure that all employees are treated fairly and equally. This can be a major challenge when it comes to providing benefits, since age and prior medical history are major factors in determining availability and affordability of health insurance coverage. Fortunately, many group plans are able to overcome these hurdles by offering what are commonly referred to as “medical history disregarded” benefits. This means that everyone in the group qualifies for all of the same medical coverage benefits regardless of their age, health condition, or pre-existing conditions.

Flexible and Easily Managed

As your company or group’s needs change, it is good to be able to offer benefits that grow with those needs, too. Insurers understand this and most are very accommodating when it comes time to make a policy change; allowing for easy adding or dropping of benefits for the group as needed at predetermined intervals.

Additionally, since most groups are dynamic - with members periodically coming and going - group coverage allows the policy manager to add and remove members throughout the policy period with only a premium adjustment required to extend coverage to the new member. Many plans even allow departing group members to take their coverage with them by rolling it into an individual coverage policy with a separate policy schedule, so that the member never has to go uninsured or lose any benefits.

Excellent Coverage Benefits

Group coverage varies depending on the insurer servicing the policy, so it is crucial to talk to an adviser prior to making a decision and insurance purchase. Typically, the best plans will have coverage available for hospitalization, doctor and specialist visits, diagnostic and preventative treatments, chronic condition and pre-existing condition coverage, complimentary and/or alternative therapy treatments, maternity, labor and delivery coverage with complimentary new-born child inclusion, and even dental care.

Where to Get It

Comparing and contrasting all the coverage available to you while bearing your group’s specific needs in mind is a daunting task. Contacting dozens of insurers directly, explaining your circumstances and then trying to keep all the details straight – not to mention trying to get the best price possible – can be a mind-boggling and frustrating task.

UAE Medical Insurance compares group health insurance policies for you, offering only the best coverage from dozens of the most highly-rated insurers from all around the world. Our insurance advisers will take the time to listen to your needs and requirements, and can then make recommendations for the best coverage for your group’s specific circumstances, potentially saving hundreds of hours of research.

Because our policy premiums are negotiated by volume and because we only work for our clients - and not for the insurance companies - UAE Medical Insurance guarantees prices that are lower than our customers can secure for themselves when buying coverage from the insurer directly. So you get fantastic coverage and our award-winning customer service all at an amazing rate. This makes choosing UAE Medical Insurance for your group’s medical coverage a win-win situation.


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