Get a FREE report & more by completing our global partner’s new survey today
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Get a FREE report & more by completing our global partner’s new survey today

UAE Medical Insurance is pleased to announce the launch of Pacific Prime's Insurance Survey - 2017. Complete our global partner's survey to get a FREE report...and more!

UAE Medical Insurance is pleased to announce the launch of Pacific Prime’s Insurance Survey - 2017, which has been created with the goal of further understanding your views and preferences around insurance. Pacific Prime Health Insurance, our global partner, would like to show their appreciation for all survey participants by sending a FREE PDF version of the International Private Medical Insurance Inflation - 2017 report to anyone who completes the survey. To fill out or learn more about Pacific Prime’s online survey, be sure to check out their survey page here.

Pacific Prime Insurance Survey

What will I get out of completing Pacific Prime’s Insurance Survey - 2017?

By dedicating only two minutes of your time to complete Pacific Prime’s Insurance Survey, Pacific Prime will send you a FREE copy of the International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) Inflation - 2017 report.

The report is highly relevant to anyone looking to discover how much they would pay for their international health insurance in top locations around the world.

Key International Private Medical Insurance inflation report findings

Complete our survey and you’ll be able to learn more about these findings from Pacific Prime’s IPMI inflation report:

  • The average IPMI inflation in 2016 was 9.2% - the exact same as the inflation rate in 2015.
  • Dubai’s new mandatory health insurance requirements has led to a near 40% immediate increase in hospital visits - find out how this will impact IPMI inflation.
  • Allianz Worldwide Care had the lowest premium increase worldwide in 2016, while Aetna International (Interglobal) had the lowest IPMI inflation average over the past five years.
  • And more in-depth information regarding private medical insurance inflation in key areas around the world.


Pacific Prime IPMI report


Once you’ve completed the survey, you’ll also be eligible to receive a FREE copy of the Cost of International Health Insurance - 2017 report when it’s released later this summer! This highly anticipated report will cover the average price of international health insurance in 95 countries - for all plans and demographics (single plans, plans for couples, plans for families, and plans for retirees).

About Pacific Prime’s Insurance Survey - 2017

Pacific Prime created Pacific Prime’s Insurance Survey - 2017 to uncover key findings about the thoughts and preferences people have around insurance in different countries. Upon gathering the survey results, our global partner will then use these findings to help generate key insights on regional trends in the insurance industry.

These insights, along with insights generated by interviewing industry veterans from the world’s leading insurance companies, will then be collated to form Pacific Prime’s annual Top International Private Medical Insurance Trends - 2017 report. Equipped with insightful knowledge on insurance trends in 2017, this report will be particularly beneficial to anyone wanting to learn about the trends and factors influencing the insurance industry, as well as those who want to make more informed insurance purchasing decisions.

And that’s not all. Aside from utilizing the insurance survey findings to generate the 2017 edition of the IPMI trends report, the information gathered from the survey will also help Pacific Prime further optimize the solutions they offer to their new and existing clients.

Comprising of 3 pre-survey demographic-related questions and 10 survey questions about your views on insurance, the survey won’t take longer than two minutes to complete. From all of us at Pacific Prime, we thank you in advance for your help in completing this survey!

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