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Health insurance experts at UMI take a look at the recently reported fines for companies in Dubai who have not already enacted health insurance that meets the now mandatory DHA requirements.

Maria Loughran, Corporate Account Manager at UMI/Pacific Prime answers common questions about life insurance in Dubai.

Are you aware of the vaccination requirements in the UAE and how health insurance providers in Dubai will cover them? Read this article to learn more.

UMI, working with Pacific Prime, has jointly launched the third article of a three report on the cost of international health insurance. With a regional focus, this article provides solid high level oversight of what an expat can expect to pay for an international individual health insurance plan.

UMI looks into what you need to do in order to find if your doctor is included in your health insurance network. For those living in Dubai, this may not be as straight forward as it may seem. Read on to learn more.

UAE Medical Insurance has combined the emergency contact numbers for all the main health insurance providers we work with in Dubai and the UAE.

UMI takes a look at diabetes in Dubai and how health insurance providers treat this disease.

UAE Medical Insurance (a licensed division of Medstar, a wholly owned Pacific Prime subsidiary) has partnered with Pacific Prime to release a the second article of a three part report on the cost of health insurance. Titled: The cost of health insurance in top expat destinations, Article 2 focuses on 6 top expat destinations and the cost of individual international health insurance in each location.

UAE Medical Insurance, partnering with Pacific Prime, has released a FREE guide looking at the differences between the public (or government) and private health care systems in Dubai.

UAE Medical Insurance (a licensed division of Medstar, which is owned by Pacific Prime) has contributed to Pacific Prime’s recent report on the cost of health insurance. The first part of the report - titled: The cost of health insurance for expats in 94 countries - presents a ranking of the 20 most expensive and 5 least expensive locations, on average, for individual international health insurance. It also presents an average cost and ranking for four major demographics: Singles, Couples, Families, and Retirees; thereby providing a benchmark that you can use when looking for a new plan.

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