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As you are probably well aware by now, the Dubai Health Authority has fully implemented their mandatory health insurance coverage scheme which aims to ensure that 100% of the Emirate's residents have adequate coverage for their medical conditions. With the final implementation being carried out last summer came word that the fines for not securing appropriate coverage were to be…

The healthcare market in Dubai has seen several significant changes in recent years, such as the implementation of universal health insurance. In this article, UAE Medical Insurance looks at what to expect for the future of Dubai’s healthcare sector.

A study in the past year indicated that UAE residents overwhelmingly believe that stress causes cancer. Does it and, if so, how? In this article we’re going to be taking a look at some of the results of the report and have a think about what stress is actually doing to us.

By looking at current medical trends in the UAE, this article examines the future implications of big data in the region’s healthcare sector.

Paying for healthcare can be daunting if you don't have health insurance, so some people have resorted to crowdfunding healthcare funds from the public via online platforms. How viable is this in the UAE? Find out more here.

This article looks at the findings generated from the Dubai section of our global partner’s latest IPMI report to present an overview of medical insurance inflation in this region.

The health insurance reform deadline is fast approaching, and 2% of the population is still without medical insurance coverage. Numerous employers need to obtain insurance for their employees or face a penalty. Find out more about their obligations here.

According to Dubai law, all residents were to have private health insurance coverage as of June 30th, 2016. However, thanks to numerous deadline extensions, people without insurance still have felt no repercussions for non-compliance. How long will this last? Read on to find out more.

Pacific Prime, UAE Medical Insurance's global partner, has officially released their latest report. Titled: International Private Medical Insurance Inflation - 2017, this report focuses on the inflation of medical premiums for International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) plans in 10 of the most popular locations around the world, including Dubai, for this type of insurance.

One baby is born every 3.5 hours in the UAE’s second largest emirate. This article looks at why the frequency of births is so high in Dubai, and what this means for expectant parents looking to start a family.

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