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The Dubai Municipality is now requiring restaurants and other food sellers in the Emirate to display the nutritional value of their offerings. One of the stated reasons for this is to make the population more aware of how much sugar they are eating. Why is sugar so bad though? Read on to find out more.

UAE Medical Insurance discusses the newly implemented ambulance fees in Dubai, what you need to know about them, and whether your insurance will cover a ride in an ambulance.

Is cancer something you think about often? It should be... or should it? While some predict a dramatic increase in cancer incidences in the future, the UAE medical establishment believes they can reduce cancer rates in the Emirates. Who is right? Read on to find out more.

The Dubai Health Authority recently launched a pilot program designed to put patients in one hospital in touch with doctors in others. This is an example of the telehealth trend that is on the rise globally. For those that are not familiar with telemedicine, UAE Medical Insurance has prepared this overview of it. Read on to find out more!

Hopping on a bicycle is not only a great way to explore Dubai, but also a method for getting healthy and preventing many a health problem. For those new to cycling in the city, UMI has produced this handy guide featuring spots to check out and tips for cyclists of all stripes. Read on for more information.

UAE medical Insurance explores three changes the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) will introduce in 2016, and what businesses need to know about them.

A couple of recent announcements regarding pharmaceutical medicines in the UAE could have big impacts on patients in Dubai, both good and bad. Find out more about these news items and what they might mean for you by reading on.

UAE Medical Insurance covers what Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) owners need to know about wellness programs in the workplace, and how they can implement one.

People who move to a new place are often unaware of many aspects of life in their new home, but one of the first things that should be sought out in this situation is the proper local procedures and contacts for emergency situation. For expats new to Dubai, UAE Medical Insurance has prepared this quick primer on emergencies that includes info on preparedness, as well as important telephone numbers you should know. Read on to find out more.

UMI takes a look at the new DHA regulation around medical cost inflation. Starting from 2016, they will be setting the percentage increase that health care providers can apply each year.

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