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Businesses looking to better utilize their employee benefits plans have a tough ask of them. Unless insurance or benefits are their core business, understanding the options available and how best to structure a compensation package can be a challenge. Benefits providers will offer advice and guidance, but you’ll generally have to wonder if they’re giving you the full picture - they’re…

Exciting news! Pacific Prime, our global partner, has launched their new corporate site - a one-stop shop for companies and groups of any size looking to find the most optimal business insurance plan for their needs. To learn more…

There is a lot to think about when sending employees on overseas assignments. From travel arrangements to accommodation, office space and insurance requirements. It’s a great opportunity for both your employee and your company; they’ll get to experience a foreign land whilst your operations in the country will get a boost from their expertise and skills. However, there’s a great responsibility…

Here, UAE Medical Insurance discusses disaster insurance in the UAE and the types of insurance businesses need to weather anything.

The health insurance reform deadline is fast approaching, and 2% of the population is still without medical insurance coverage. Numerous employers need to obtain insurance for their employees or face a penalty. Find out more about their obligations here.

There has been a recent increase in the number of individuals in the UAE that now have health insurance. Many businesses, on the other hand, are reportedly lacking in insurance coverage that could save them from emergencies in the future. UAE Medical Insurance looks at why Small to Medium Enterprises in the UAE are not obtaining insurance, why they should be, and how they can become insured. Read on to find out more.

Have you had a look at your company provided health insurance plan before? We mean have you REALLY had a look? Many people assume that their group health insurance will work for just about anything that ails them, but sometimes this is not the case. So what should you do to make sure your health insurance fits your needs? Here, UAE Medical Insurance provides tips on getting the most from your company medical insurance.

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