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One of the most important things your doctor can ask you when prescribing medication is whether or not you have any allergies. Having adverse reactions to medication can sometimes be a minor issue, and other times it can be quite serious. When it comes to prescription medication errors, you might wonder whether or not your insurance company will cover harm suffered by allergies or…

Paying for healthcare can be daunting if you don't have health insurance, so some people have resorted to crowdfunding healthcare funds from the public via online platforms. How viable is this in the UAE? Find out more here.

The Dubai Health Authority recently launched a pilot program designed to put patients in one hospital in touch with doctors in others. This is an example of the telehealth trend that is on the rise globally. For those that are not familiar with telemedicine, UAE Medical Insurance has prepared this overview of it. Read on to find out more!

A couple of recent announcements regarding pharmaceutical medicines in the UAE could have big impacts on patients in Dubai, both good and bad. Find out more about these news items and what they might mean for you by reading on.

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