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Company Health Insurance Plans in the UAE

If your organization, company, or even sports team is looking for medical insurance coverage, a group health insurance plan may be a great option. Depending on where you are located, there are different rules for what qualifies as a "group". We can help you understand what constitutes a group and what benefits and customizations you can make when applying for medical insurance as a group.


Group and Company insurance plans are a great way to receive comprehensive coverage at discounted rates. Group plans generally offer better coverage because some insurers will cover pre-existing conditions if the group is large enough, which is nearly impossible through any other plan. Group rates are generally cheaper than individual rates as well.

Transfer from international group health insurance to an individual plan

There are many other advantages to a group plan. One of these is that even should an individual leave the group plan, the person can take out an individual insurance policy with the same insurer and still have all pre-existing conditions covered.

Plan premiums for groups generally depend on the number, location, and age of the members. As with individual and family plans, the premium is not dependent on the number of claims that are made, so members do not have to worry about increases in their premium. The premium will only change if the average age of members increases or if there are inflation changes.

Group plans can be adjusted to have different levels of coverage depending on a member's seniority. Benefits that can be added include maternity, dental, travel, chronic conditions, and many more.

In the UAE, group plans can only be offered to organizations with a trade license. In other GCC countries, the laws allow for groups of three or more to qualify as a group.

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