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Fujairah Health Insurance

Fujairah is one of the northern emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is the only one that is located entirely on the Gulf of Oman. The emirate stretches across 1,450 sq. km., which makes it the fifth largest emirate in the UAE. Fujairah’s population is the second smallest in the UAE with 130,000 inhabitants.

Its landscape is quite different from the other emirates in that it is completely mountainous. Fujairah also has a higher annual rainfall, which allows its farmers to produce at least one crop a year. Fujairah’s weather is quite warm throughout the year. However, from October to March, temperatures are a bit lower, averaging around 25°C. This is also Fujairah’s rainy season, and experiences the majority of its rainfall.

Fujairah’s economy is supported by subsidies and federal grants distributed by the government of Abu Dhabi. Fujairah also has some local industries including stone crushing, mining, and cement production. Fujairah has a number of free trade zones like the ones in Dubai. Similar to the ones in Dubai, the free zones have flourished.

Healthcare in Fujairah is a mix of public and private systems. Local Emiratis can receive free treatment at any government hospital, but foreigners have to pay. The national government funds the national hospitals, but the public hospitals are still quite expensive, and those who are not nationals and have a low income generally cannot afford to be treated. There have been criticisms that the government is not doing enough to support the low-income workers who live there.

In addition to hospitals, Fujairah also has clinics known as “medical houses.” These clinics complement the main hospital by providing walk-in appointments and ancillary medical services. These medical houses are a success, and often used by Fujairah residents.

In the past years, the standards of surgical and emergency care have improved in Fujairah. With Advanced Trauma Life Support’s programs, which were introduced to improve emergency treatment and survival rates, trauma patients have been receiving better and better emergency treatment.

Private hospitals are also available in Fujairah. For example, the GMC Hospital is a well-known facility in the emirate, and provides emergency, surgical, pharmaceutical, and outpatient treatment. The costs of private healthcare are more expensive than public care. However, treatment at private hospitals is generally quicker, and more personalized.

Regardless of whether you choose to use public or private healthcare in Fujairah, the cost of treatment is still quite expensive. Visitors and expatriates are advised to purchase an international health insurance policy in Fujairah  before going to Fujairah. If in the unfortunate event that you or a family member requires medical assistance while abroad, treatment costs can be very high.

Depending on whether you will be there for the long-term or just for a short visit, there will be an insurance plan that fits your needs. We specialize in helping expatriates and travelers find an insurance plan that fits their needs.

Our years of experience can help guide you in choosing a plan tailored for you. Plans have customizable benefits, which include company health insurancematernity, dental, personal accident, etc. Contact us today, and one of our experienced medical insurance advisors will call you and provide you with a free quote and comparison table.

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